Alexander Rodger

Human Male Specialist Wizard (6)


Alexander Roger is on a mission. The Wizard searches high and low for his estranged sister, Amelia. Due to a horrible turn of events, Amelia was driven from her home and branded a public menace. Alexander hopes to right those wrongs. More importantly, he seeks to prevent Amelia from accidentally doing further harm to herself… or anyone else.

Alexander first came across the Golden Saviors as they prepared to enter the strange ziggurat outside of Valencia. Knowing clues to his sister’s whereabouts may be found within, the Wizard offered to join the group. Their combined efforts managed to topple the evil site but not before leaving an indelible mark on the Heroes. In addition to the frightening visions Alexander experienced, he also made off with a tome penned by the Cult Leader. This vile book may prove to be his undoing.

Alexander’s time with the Golden Saviors was productive, albeit tense. While he managed to uncover information essential to locating Amelia, his goals often conflicted with the group’s. On one occasion, the Wizard actually drove enemies towards his compatriots in hopes to detain them. The Mage, Carter Wilroar, had known Amelia – intimately. Always the good brother, Alexander couldn’t leave behind such a valuable source of intel thus causing his momentary lack of loyalty. All worked out in the end as the Golden Saviors collectively felled their enemies and captured the Mage. But the damage was done. Alexander’s standing in the group was tarnished.

Having divined a possible location for Amelia, Alexander chose to set off after her. His magic revealed she is in peril – no time can be wasted. The Wizard vacated in the night to continue his search. In his place, he left his fellows a parting note as well as their share of some recently acquired loot.

He did, however, take with him the aforementioned tome. On his long journey South, Alexander faces many obstacles. Dangers abound but the biggest of them is not the claws of some ferocious beast. It’s the time he spends reading…

Alexander Rodger

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