Human Male Rogue


The late Barnaby was second in command of the group of thieves calling themselves the Black Shepherds. This faction splintered off from the Shattered Sigil thieves guild (the largest in Valencia) when their leader, Karnic the Short, promised them wealth beyond measure. The halfling led Barnaby and the others to an ancient dig site that supposedly housed a priceless treasure. There was much apprehension in the undertaking as the ruins were rumored to harbor a dangerous Mage.

Barnaby had reservations about it but Karnic had always made the right call in the past. The thief should have listened to his gut. Nothing but death awaited the Black Shepherds in the dungeon below. As they delved into the ruins, the Shepherds ran afoul of a cadre of ferocious bugbears. To make matters worse, the Mage about which they heard was with them. A pitched battle ensued between the groups. With the Mage in their corner, the bugbears tore through the thieves with relative ease. Both sides took heavy losses and retreated to respective areas of the ruins. During the scuffle, Karnic was captured leaving Barnaby and company without a leader (or any idea of how to acquire the treasure).

Days passed until unexpected guests arrived on the scene. The Golden Saviors stumbled upon Barnaby’s crew, surprising both parties. After a tense start, Barnaby managed to broker a deal with the do-gooders: rescue Karnic in exchange for safe passage through the dungeon. As an added incentive, the thief mentioned he would let the adventurers have their vial of Essence Bane to help them take down the Mage. To make sure they upheld their end of the bargain, Barnaby sent Iago with them. Now all he could do is wait.

Of all the things Barnaby anticipated, he never expected the Wizard with the adventures to come back and warn him of the double-cross. The bastards were taking Karnic to Valencia for “justice.” Barnaby’s last mistake was ordering the remaining Black Shepherds to give chase. The thieves’ attempt to head the adventurers off at the dungeon’s opening turned out to be the second massacre they encountered that week. In a feeble attempt to reclaim his leader, Barnaby was cut to shreds by Sigfried Chi-Ro. Ironically, the Ranger carried the very thing they were trying to find in the first place: Lord Cathist’s fabled sword, Redemption.


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