Berek Seobryn

Human Male Cleric (1)


A faithful servant for the Church of Light, Berek has been tasked with relaying important orders from Archbishop Ruger to Santos. He wishes nothing more than to see the Church’s lofty goal accomplished: establish a formal site of worship in Valencia. He holds Santos in high regards and is eager to serve him in any way the Light should dictate.

After the Heroes’ successful toppling of the ziggurat, Berek caused a commotion in Valencia by accusing the Shadowtheists of not aiding the city in its time of need. He was arrested for disturbing the peace but his sermon set off a waive of retribution against the resident Clerics. Thanks to Berek, many in Valencia begin to doubt the Shadowtheists’ intentions.

During his incarceration, Berek began to slip into madness. He claimed he heard Archbishop Ruger’s voice in his head all hours of the day. Santos vowed to free Berek and heal his ailments. Unfortunately, that chance never came. After winning Berek’s release from the Council of Elders for capturing the Mage, Santos sought to free the Adept. By the time he arrived at the jailhouse, Berek had committed suicide, slitting his throat and painting a cryptic message in his own blood: He shall purify

Santos plans to bring Berek’s body with him to Wyldshire for a proper burial at the Temple of Light.

Berek Seobryn

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