Carter Wilroar

Human Male Mage


Carter Wilroar represents one of the greatest accomplishments (and possibly biggest regrets) of the Golden Saviors. The Heroes successfully apprehended the injured Mage and returned him to Valencia for “justice.”

Carter, like all Mages in Valencia, was a hunted man. Because of the sins of his brethren, the Essence-wielder led a life of little more than basic survival. He was constantly on the move trying to avoid capture (or worse). While Carter took no part in the planning of The Mage Rebellion, his lack of action against it doomed him.

Fate discovered him one day in the form of Amelia Rodger. A runaway like himself, the two were kindred spirits. Amelia had within her awesome power beyond her control. Carter was able to suppress that raw energy. Amelia, in turn, offered the Mage something he hadn’t known in ages: peace. Their symbiosis was pure and it made them happy.

Their bliss was short-lived. The pair were beset upon by a cadre of cunning bugbears in the area surrounding Valencia. A Cleric was among their ranks, proving lethal to Carter. He sustained a serious injury during the skirmish. Unable to protect her any longer, Carter ordered his companion to flee. Reluctantly, she obeyed and the two were parted.

The bugbears ultimately dragged the Mage to a nearby dungeon where they kept him continuously injured to prevent his escape. Weeks later, Carter was “liberated” by none other than the Golden Saviors. Among their ranks was Amelia’s own brother, Alexander. Carter’s pleas for freedom fell on deaf ears, even by Alexander. They simply pressed him for information then turned the Mage over to the city of Valencia. He was quite a prize; the City of Gold finally had a Mage to call its own. Now nothing more than an indentured servant, Carter faced a sentence far worse then death.

Carter Wilroar was a slave. He had the Golden Saviors to thank for it.

Carter Wilroar

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