Cesa Alera

Human Female Assassin


A beautiful, young, red-headed assassin purportedly in the employ of Major General Bron Talarra. Her current target: Jeric Worgrave!

Using the public chaos and revelry caused by the triumphant return of The Golden Saviors to Valencia the assassin was able to stick Jeric in the ribs with a poison coated dagger before disappearing back into the crowd.

Thanks to the quick actions of his companions and the intense healing of Shadowtheist Edim Deepshadow Jeric survived.

A week later Jeric and Sigfried used their detective skills in an effort to find her. Through their investigation they discovered she was staying in the city (at the Barge Wright Inn, of course) under the name of Cesa Alera.

She is in possession of a sending stone, a magic item that allows her to listen (re: spy on) and verbally communicate with the owners of it’s twin stone. A twin stone that, thanks to The Ranger, has been with the heroes this entire time in the form of his Cursed Obsidian Dagger. Jeric and Sigfried discovered the true nature of the dagger during their investigations and accidentally tipped off the assassin via experimentation which invited verbal taunting from her. The stones have since been deactivated on both sides but Jeric still keeps the twin stone close.

She has not been seen or heard from since.

A brazen attempt on Jeric’s life from the sun-lit rooftops of Wyldshire marked the next time the Golden Saviors crossed paths with Cesa Alera. Thanks to Jeric’s magical amulet, a boon from the Council of Elders, the attack failed and the Golden Saviors gave chase. Pursued from one end of the city to the other the assassin was eventually intercepted by a vengeance-seeking gang of underworld thugs which allowed Jeric and Traavor to catch up.

Caught in a moral quandary Jeric proceeded not to interfere since it seemed the gang’s goals were aligned with his own. However, when it became apparent that rape and torture were in store for her instead of a quick death for whatever slight she had imposed on them, Jeric then decided to rescue his would-be murderer.

With the help of Traavor, Taran and eventually the rest of the Golden Saviors they managed to stop the assault on the assassin (with Jeric reminding the badly injured and retreating assassin that it was he who was her rescuer) and ruthlessly finished off the gang members.

She was last seen piloting the floater she stole from the gang away from the scene.

Raxis’ Rage Update:

As Jeric was falling from the sky with a large blue dragon closing fast from above, he was plucked out of the air, landing in the carriage of a speeding floater. The Duskblade’s surprise of being snatched from certain death was only topped by the shock of seeing his would-be rescuer – a familiar red-headed woman. Staring him down from behind a loaded crossbow, Cesa Alera stated coolly, “We’re even now.” as they sped away from danger.

Using quick thinking (and an equally quick spell) Jeric was able to turn the tables by dimension hopping behind her. Locking her up in his arms he ordered, “Take us towards Raxis NOW!” In surprise she replied, “What?!? Are you crazy?” Jeric tightened his grip on her. “I have the means to end the dragon assault and save the people of Wyldshire! You have to take me close to Raxis!” Almost with a laugh she said, “I don’t care about this city or it’s people. Why should I help you?” Jeric thought about this for a second and came up with the one thing he knew she would respond to well – self preservation. “I can throw you off of this floater right now. I don’t need you at all.” Jeric eased his grip on her as the assassin wordlessly altered course toward the Dome of Heavens.

Once Jeric felt they were close enough, he touched the orb and took full control over Raxis. Using the Great Wyrm as an avatar, Jeric was able to kill the blue dragon before it finished off his companions and then ordered Raxis’ fellow dragons to end their assault on the city. As before when using the orb, Jeric’s mind was lost in a trance; his body defenseless during this time, yet Cesa Alera only watched.

Once Jeric released the dragon and came out of his trance the assassin dropped him off on the city streets. As Jeric stepped off the floater, he turned to meet her gaze. “My debt is paid,” she said. “The next time I see you it’s business as usual.”

And Jeric watched as she sped away.

Grave Concerns Update:

Settled in for the night after another full day of travel on their way to Oakdeen the group is awakened by the sounds of clanging, fighting and female voices. Vy and Alera, Jeric’s would-be assassin, engage each other as the others are bound by magic leaving them helpless on the ground. The assassin takes a blow from Vy. In response, she reveals a spellcasting ability the Heroes had not yet seen in action, knocking Vy down. Traavor attempts to entangle Alera but she escapes the growing grass and responds, exclaiming, “Think, Gnome! Why would I show myself unnecessarily? This traitor planned to kill you all. I can’t have that – Worgrave is MINE.” Jeric, being one of the only warriors free, dimension hops behind Alera and grasps her. The Samurai breaks free of his hold and readies for battle but Alera produces a powerful dagger and pierces it deep into Jeric Worgrave’s leg. Green liquid drips off the edge of the knife as she twists it deeper into him causing the Duskblade immense pain. The Cleric dazes the assassin and the Samurai flies at her with full force. But Jeric, for reasons unknown to the group, flies away with Alera – escaping a surely deadly blow from Taran. “What are you DOING!!!” screams Jeric the moment before he takes to the air. Racing past him then suddenly stopping and turning back, Taran looks upwards towards the fleeing Jeric and exclaims, “What are YOU doing?!”

Jeric escorts her off, bound by his chains. The exchange between the two of them is hard to decipher from the others in the distance, but it is clearly heartfelt. After Jeric releases her and she vanishes before their eyes, Jeric takes a solemn knee.

The personal details of what exactly Jeric was doing can be found HERE.

Vy is revealed to be victim of the doppelganger, Mearis, who has purported himself as Berek along with many others along our Heroes’ adventures.

It is left unsaid among the group that had Cesa Alera not intervened they might have all been murdered in their sleep that night.

Land In Revolt Interludes IX Update:

Via scrying Talarra discovers that Cesa Alera has yet again failed to assassinate Jeric and with his patience at an end orders the activation of Terminus with instructions that its targets are Jeric and Alera.

The Trek to Find the Shield Update:

Leaving Forest Gate and entering the woods the heroes then come upon a trail of blood, following it finding broken weapons, and finally a pile of brutally murdered elven warriors, killed in horrible gruesome manners. Inside the mouth of a crucified elf is a scroll which Jeric retrieves, reads to himself and then throws to Taran in anger. Taran relates the scroll which describes a vile message for Jeric, that he could follow the trail of bodies to release himself to Shar, otherwise Cesa Alera will be killed.

Terminus Velocity Update:

Although the Golden Saviors defeated the war giant known as Terminus, denying his mission to return Jeric Worgrave to Shar, it should be noted that the giantkin’s threat to murder his captive, Cesa Alera, was a bluff used to force Jeric to act and she was not his personal prisoner at the time.

Land In Revolt Interludes XIII Update:

Seemingly under threat of capture or death if caught Cesa Alera returns to Major General Bron Talarra’s stronghold in Shar to initiate a secret meeting with one of Talarra’s most special prisoners, Sera Worgrave, Jeric’s mother. An initial stand-offish conversation between the two women grows warmer as Alera talks of Jeric and attempts to prove her intentions for coming to see her are pure. The brief and largely cryptic meeting concludes with mother Worgrave accepting the assassin’s motives and asking her to send her love back to Jeric.

A Good ol Fashion Brothel Brawl Update:

Appearing seemingly out of thin air Cesa Alera jumps in front of and parries a strike meant for a surprised Jeric Worgrave. The woman who spent well over a year mixing it up with the group in her attempts to kill the Duskblade has joined the fray on the side of the Golden Saviors as they fight for their lives against Orem Deepshadow and his men in the Oasis brothel.
The intense fight gives no time to question why Jeric and his assassin are fighting back-to-back, but her presence is definitely a boon as Jeric barely survives the victorious battle.

Once all healed the group starts an all-important debate on the merits of property ownership which let’s Alera lead Jeric away to a quiet booth in the corner for a private discussion. Occasional sidelong and subtle glances from the curious group reveal an emotional and altogether warmhearted conversation punctuated at times with brief hand touching between them.
Eventually the group follows the lead of the increasingly drunken gnome and the night turns into camaraderie and celebration.
And in their privacy of their booth Cesa Alera and Jeric Worgrave toast to a new change in their relationship.

Cesa Alera

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