Council of Elders

Epic Level Wizards


The Council of Elders serve as the ruling magocracy for the city of Valencia. Outside of Wyldshire, they are regarded as three of the most notable arcanists in all of Majeria.

The three Wizards (if they can be described in such basic terms) have ruled over Valencia for longer than most, if not all, residents can remember. It is known for certain they governed the City of Gold well before the Essence provided the place its namesake. This places them in their post for at least the past 100 years. In a world of magic, long lifespans are not uncommon for mortals yet their continued existence seems to defy belief (well, aside from the Seer).

The body of the Council is composed of three individuals: the Speaker, the Scribe and the Seer. The unbelievably elderly Speaker is assumed to be the de facto head of the group since he serves as their collective voice. Those deemed worthy enough for an audience with the Council only address, and thus are only addressed by, the Speaker. When he isn’t talking in riddles, the Speaker has been known to veer off from an active exchange only to engage in conversation with the thin air. The Scribe appears to be as old as the Speaker (at least the top of his does since one rarely sees his face). He sits and scribes away the entire day. No one knows for certain what he writes in his book. Some believe he takes notes of the meetings held by the Council. Others say he is transcribing his limitless knowledge of spellcasting into what could be considered the most coveted spellbook in the land. Those who claim to be close to the Council (if any such people truly exist) insist the Scribe sets down constant divinations of the future in those pages. Whatever it is, the Scribe never speaks aside from an occasional grunt or chortle. The Seer is the greatest enigma of the council. Believed to be a powerful Wizard from days long gone, her physical body now resides in an ornate glass and gold-laden coffin. The device is thought to magically preserve her as she appears to be an attractive middle-aged woman. It is rumored she lives between the world of the living and the dead; perceptive individuals claim it is her to whom the Speaker addresses when he loses focus. Because of her current condition, her magical foresight supposedly knows no bounds. The Seer is credited for the Council’s unerring ability to know what transpires in Valencia in any given moment.

The Council does not often meet personally with its citizens. For that reason, they have Ralen Mayswire handle the day-to-day needs of Valencia. The well-respected (but more likely feared) Sorcerer is the “face” of the ruling body of Wizards.

Council of Elders

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