Darious the White

Human Male Paladin (5)


Once a member of the Guard of Valencia, Darious heard the fantastical musings of Berek Seobryn in the streets of his city. The fighter became intrigued and sought out the individual who sparked such fervor in the acolyte. He found Santos de Epoch and swore allegiance to him and to serve the Light. From that moment on, Santos dubbed the young fighter Darious the White, for the pure and devout sentiment Darious displayed to cleanse Majeria from evil.

Darious is a fine fighter in his own right. He is well suited for close combat as well as a wielder of a bow. His weapon of choice is his bastard sword which, in the event of a particularly dangerous foe, he can use both hands to bring down destructive force. He is also skilled in horsemanship and mounted combat. His years of serving the Guard of Valencia have not gone misused in his time with the Heroes, and his resolve as a follower of the Light grows stronger with each passing day. He has recently taken up the cloth as well, becoming a Paladin, sanctioned by Santos, but soon to be official when arriving in Wyldshire.

Darious the White

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