Edim Deepshadow

Human Male Shadowtheist


Edim Deepshadow (formerly Edim Pallows) heads the order of Shadowtheists housed in Valencia. Edim is an imposing figure; he stands over six feet tall, often towering over those he addresses. His build betrays his disposition, however. The Shadowtheist is known for being even-keeled. He is a Cleric of great ability and quite savvy when it comes to city politics.

Edim heard his calling immediately after The Gods’ return to Majeria. Already a prominent resident of the City of Gold, he quickly realized the importance of establishing a center of influence for his new found Order. Deepshadow aggressively petitioned the Council of Elders to allow the building of a temple worthy of Valencia. The Wizards were wary about granting the request since so little was known about what these deities’ presence meant for the world. After tiring negotiations, Edim proposed erecting the Shadowtheist Library to share knowledge, and not simply blind faith, with the masses. A much more appealing option to the Council, the construction was approved. The Library is now one of the largest in Majeria.

Deepshadow crossed paths with the Golden Saviors when they returned to Valencia with Carter Wilroar in tow. During the celebration, Jeric Worgrave was stabbed by the assassin Cesa Alera. Her blade was coated in a fast-acting poison that surely spelled death for the Duskblade if not for Edim’s intervention. The Cleric managed to counteract the deadly concoction with the expenditure of great effort on his part. Worgrave lived thanks to the Shadowtheist.

The act extended much-needed goodwill towards the Shadowtheists. The Order has been under fire since the late Berek’s public admonishment. Valencia’s residents openly question the Shadowtheist’s lack of knowledge regarding the Darkbringer activity below the Barge Wright Inn. This sentiment is exacerbated by the wealthy young Wizards of Valencia who continue to denounce Clerics of all the Orders as disinterested zealots (a common occurrence in most major Majerian cities these days).

Edim Deepshadow

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