Eleak Dragonsbane

Epic Level Human Male Wizard


The accomplished Wizard, Eleak Dragonsbane, holds two important distinctions: not only is he the youngest ever to hold the title of Lord Senator of Wyldshire’s magocracy but he is also the first one to do so that wasn’t a member of the renowned Wyldshire family. While some may see this as a testament to the arcanist’s ability, Dragonsbane would probably tell them otherwise.

The Lord Senator came into his position via circumstances never before encountered. As tradition holds, a Wylshire always occupies the ranking position in the city’s government. When Sirros Wyldshire announced his retirement from the post, his cousin Brandon was expected to assume the role. Shortly before Sirros’ abdication, Brandon began to exhibit symptoms of mental illness. House Wyldshire did all in their power to keep the incidents under wraps but far too many residents of the city witnessed Brandon’s outbursts. Many recall his public schizophrenic episodes. Not long afterwards, Brandon disappeared into Wilderness and has not been seen since (this was two years ago).

His departure left a vacuum of leadership that needed to be filled. The city’s Bylaws were consulted to determine a course of action. The document revealed the Lord Senator’s seat should be attained through magical ability in a case such as this. A Wizard’s Challenge was issued and the most adept of Wyldshire’s arcansists answered the call. When the smoke cleared from the competition, Eleak Dragonsbane stood alone from his peers. Having bested Wizards far beyond his relatively young age, he has held a grip on the title since – albeit a loose one.

His tenure in the role has been problematic from the onset. The eldest members of the Order look down upon his age and have no issue showing their disdain. At the same time, the traditionalists within the ranks abhor that he is not a member of House Wyldshire. The internal push-back, coupled with the palpable tension between the arcanists and clerics in the city, puts Dragonsbane at the center of constant political turmoil.

Eleak is quick to anger these days. The juggling act of keeping the various factions against him at bay is infuriating. One of his greatest political adversaries, Archbishop Johan Ruger, has gone missing along with the Guardian of Dragonkind, Crolin Orcslayer. Three ancient dragons of immeasurable power have shown up on his doorstep threatening to raze his city. Their presence has also alerted the populace of Ruger’s (previously unknown) disappearance. Keeping his rage in check, along with his incredible magical prowess, is getting harder with each passing moment…


Eleak Dragonsbane

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