Herlont Wright

Male Human Commoner (1)


Owner and proprietor of the Barge Wright Inn, Herlont is a man eagerly seeking his retirement. After running his inn for some 20 years now, he’s tired of all the “action” he continues to see. He managed to keep his business profitable through The Mage Rebellion and in the years of unrest that followed it. The frequent, strange appearance of odd undead creatures in his part of the city is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. After one of the nastier varieties crashes through the wall of the inn, Herlont offers to sell his property to the kind adventurer who helped his brother fend off some bandits.

Herlont served as a regular source of information and, simultaneously, frustration for the Golden Saviors during their time in Valencia. The innkeeper was “in the know” regarding important happenings around the city. When encountering dead ends, the Heroes would vet him for anything that could help their efforts. At the same time, the group discovered Herlont was not only aware of the Darkbringer activity beneath his inn, he took great steps to conceal it.

Currently, Herlont still runs the Barge Wright Inn. While he may not have to worry about the Darkbringers any longer, he still has literal skeletons in his closet to concern him. Or more aptly, skeletons in his basement…

Herlont Wright

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