Ralen Mayswire

Human Male Sorcerer


Ralen Mayswire may play second fiddle to the Council of Elders but that still makes him one of the most influential figures in Valencia.

An accomplished Sorcerer in his own right, the Council employs Mayswire to handle their daily affairs. While the elderly Wizards have final say over all things related to the city, Ralen exerts regular control over what transpires there. Essentially, all city services fall under his auspices, including the City Guard. This extends the Sorcerer a great deal of power. Mayswire also has final decision on who meets with the Council in person (and, more importantly, who doesn’t). All requests go through him. He vets each to their fullest extent before making a recommendation to his superiors. The wealthy residents of Valencia know this so it only magnifies Mayswire’s already lofty position.

Ralen is known to be cool and calculating. He shows little emotion in his dealings with people. He is generally regarded as fair but he does keep access to the Council limited. The Sorcerer will make the occasional passive aggressive comment to those who may fall out of favor with his employers. The same goes to those who may owe the Wizards a favor; he doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind them of the debt.

Mayswire has a team of paperwork-obsessed gnomes at his disposal to address the numerous written requests that come across his desk. He doesn’t hesitate to utilize them as a buffer for the most menial of requests made by petitioners.

Ralen Mayswire

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