Human Necromancer


A Necromancer of solid ability, Ralg walks the streets of Valencia stalking the strange undead creatures congregating in a particular area. Unbeknown to him, the dark wizard is being stalked himself by the ranger, Sigfried. The two become unlikely allies when a pair of the uncommon ghouls turn on the Necromancer and the Ranger is forced to intervene. Ralg somehow recognizes Sigfried, commenting very specifically about the Ranger’s past. After the incident at the Barge Wright Inn, Ralg and Sigfried part under the auspices of a shaky truce.

The two come together once more (along with the rest of the Golden Saviors) to storm the cultists’ ziggurat outside of Valencia. It is Ralg who leads the Heroes there after the crazed City-Guard-turned-cultist, Otto, absconds with the Divine Augmenter. The Necromancer helps the Heroes topple the evil stronghold as well as retrieve the powerful relic. He then suddenly takes his leave of the group. The reason for the abrupt departure was later made obvious by the Council of Elders: the Divine Augmenter with the Heroes is a fake… and all fingers point to Ralg as the culprit.


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