Human Female Bard (5)


Little is known about the beautiful Bard Sirene aside from her supposed desire to “help someone close to her.” She also seems to have some sort of history with fellow Bard Niven of the Emblazoned Blade.

Sirene first crossed paths with the Golden Saviors in Valencia during their investigation of what turned out to be the Darkingers’ secret lair. The Bard had followed them beneath the Barge Wright Inn in hopes to learn more about the strange undead in the area. When she was discovered, Sirene offered to assist them with their detective work.

The union lasted only a short time, however. A one-two combination of her rival Niven joining the party along with the perils encountered outside the cultists’ ziggurat prompted her flight into the night. While she has not been seen since that skirmish, her beauty is difficult to forget.


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