Alexander's Journal - Part 2

To my fellow companions,

While I’m sure this will come as no great loss to some, if not most of you, I am in need of departing from you with much haste. I have divined that Amelia, my sister, is in great and immediate trouble. I leave you with this letter, well as the spoils of our adventuring together. This sum of gold is what I was able to procure from the sale of the breastplates that we recovered from our previous foes, minus the fees for identification. Which brings me to the rings that were also salvaged, I have claimed one as I am in need of the added protection in combat granted by them. I leave you with the remaining two, however, to be divided as you see fit.

I would have enjoyed the fruits of staying banded with you all as I believe with time we could have become formidable together and our collective skills could help to overcome the challenges we will all face in the fast approaching future. If the Speaker is correct though, I feel we may meet again. I pray it will be as friends. I must, for this moment, fly.

The Gods be with you all,
A. Rodgers

Alexander's Journal - Part 2

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