Crolin Orcslayer


Crolin Orcslayer is currently Majeria’s greatest living legend. This hero has been a champion of the arena, savior of the downtrodden, slayer of a demon-god and taken flight on the wings of a dragon… his own.

Crolin came from humble beginnings. His family were Plainslands farmers and a hearty bunch at that. They had a tradition of sending sons to the military but such was not the case for Crolin. While his brothers did their part to serve their territory, Crolin’s insatiable wanderlust won out over duty. He received the same excellent martial training as his siblings and set out to find his fortune when he came of age. His family supported the move; Crolin was a natural, skilled fighter but the militia would never be a good fit for him. He had mountains to climb and treasures to discover. The boy, who was now more of a hulking man, had always been… different.

He immediately set North to see for himself the wonders of Maccordia. Eventually making his way to Wyldshire, he met a young elf of the same adventuring ilk – one Aramil Nailo. The two bonded instantly as they were a force with which to be reckoned. Crolin’s halberd coupled with Aramil’s bow made for a formidable team. The two gained fame and the nickname “The Dweomers” when they famously retrieved the city’s Golem Cog from a band of thieves.

The group expanded when they came across a drunken Furnok Darmordir. The addition of the dwarf’s axe completed the core of those who would be known as The Heroes of Crossroad City. It was in that city where Crolin earned his surname of “Orcslayer.” In an amazing feat of strength, he bested the Coliseum’s resident half-orc champion in just a few blows. An instant crowd favorite, his time in the spotlight would be short. His reprise in the arena coincided with the fall of Crossroad City. The actions of he and his fellows after the tragedy yielded their current moniker.

Crolin was a central figure in The Mage Rebellion. He and his fellow Heroes served as emissaries from Wyldshire to Loral’eil, fought valiantly during The Battle of Darmordir and gave chase to The Spire (which ultimately led to the exposure of the Mages’ betrayal).

During this time, Crolin experienced an “awakening” of sorts. He felt a beckoning in his blood that lay dormant in his family for generations. Without explanation, he could shape spells with no formal tutelage in the arcane. To better his new-found ability, he took to studying on his own (with some guidance from Nathan Radcliffe). As he did, the power within him grew until he realized his true heritage: he was a son of dragonkind. By the end of the Rebellion he had fully embraced this ancient lineage, resembling dragon as much as man.

During the battle with Lord Cathist, Crolin was possessed by the God of Darkness. The incident caused great strain to his psyche; he felt an ongoing need to purge the Darkness from his soul. Several of his comrades slain, Crolin was also overcome with grief after the battle in the Holy Lands. He decided to aggressively discover more about his “dragon-self” and withdrew from the world.

Crolin Orcslayer has not been seen for some 15 years…

Crolin Orcslayer

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