Furnok Darmordir


Prince of the great dwarven nation of Darmordir, Furnok was one of the original Heroes of Crossroad City. His is a tale of tribulation, redemption and sadness.

Furnok was born to the Royal Family of Darmordir. His bloodline is a long and impressive one; the city is named for his family and a Darmordir has ruled there since its founding hundreds of years ago. As a young dwarf he made a name for himself as an accomplished athlete, bringing great honor to his family’s name. When he reached the Age of the Warrior, he began his training in the martial arts for which dwarves are so renowned. His natural athleticism lent itself brilliantly to his training and his skill with an axe impressed all of his instructors. It is during this time Furnok would awake his personal demons.

Dwarven spirits are known for their potency throughout all of Majeria. This special brew is a mainstay of dwarven society and enjoyed by most of the population. Like any alcohol, it can be abused. Abuse leads to addiction and addiction leads to tragedy. Furnok was like so many across all cultures whose genetics lent themselves to addiction and so he fell prey. His consumption was rampant. It reached the point where he could not make it through a day without many a drink. The issue was obvious, affecting every aspect of his life. Eventually, the King was forced to take stark measures. He ordered Furnok to leave the kingdom so he may “find himself” and hopefully cast off his addiction. Sent out with only a small pouch of coin, the fabled Armor of Darmordir, his flask and the axe on his back Furnok made his way into the world.

After some time of stumbling through Maccordia, Furnok happened upon the pair known as The Dweomers, Crolin Orcslayer and Aramil Nailo (or more like they happened upon him in a stupor). The three were a good fit for one another and so their adventuring began. Furnok became one of the renowned Heroes of Crossroad City. He would remain so for the rest of his days until his untimely end at the close of The Mage Rebellion.

His greatest exploits included his leading the charge during The Battle of Darmordir; defending his home for weeks against both The Black March and the cabal of mind-flayers from the Underdark. He then set out with The Heroes of Crossroad City to retrieve The Spire and expose the Mages’ plot. Furnok’s final battle within the Holy Lands was his greatest. He alone faced Robitai, The Grand Betrayer in an epic confrontation. Furnok would serve as a vessel for the God of Light to prevent Robitai’s ascension. While his body was never recovered, it is assumed Furnok died in the battle within the ruins.

The Prince’s death shook Darmordir to its core. Furnok was a hero to all of Majeria but none held him more dear than his kin. Both his Birthing Day and the anniversary of his sacrifice are now major dwarven holidays. Some even speak of those within Darmordir who worship him as some sort of minor deity. After all, they claim, he was a vessel for the God of Light…

Furnok Darmordir

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