Land In Revolt Interludes X

The shadowy figure watched from atop a distant tree as the group emerged from the subterranean passageway. They looked haggered. Their steps were labored. It was obvious they had been through trauma.

The onlooker stood from his crouch when he saw them carrying the body. Perhaps his fears were realized and one of them died in there. Maybe not; a quick count seemed to confirm a state of life for every one that should be. Then who was the cor…oh, him. Looks like he managed to weasel his way out after all. Ah well, looks like the group still had a soft spot for the unfortunate souls of the world. It would probably wind up killing them one of these days. Luckily, it wasn’t today.

Concerns extinguished, the watcher from afar turned to leave. The holy man among them was already tending to their wounds. He knew, though, some scars would never heal. He knew what they faced in there. Home is where the horror is.

Bounding through the limbs of a dead forest, he began the long journey to the next perversion of nature. He had to uphold his end of the bargain after all. His friends were on their path; he was on his own. Their methods may be vastly different, but their goal was the same.

Within seconds, there was no trace of the Avatar of Cathist

* * *

Commander Pelgrane had seen better days. Or, he had seen better days in Wyldshire at least.

Things were beginning to get out of hand. The streets now under his watchful eye were erupting in violence on a daily basis. At first, it was a slight uptick in minor skirmishes between young arcanists and clerics. Those pissing contests were nothing new; the young on both sides of the fence have butted heads since The Gods resurfaced. But now, there were regular citizens joining with the upstart wizards. This made things much more dangerous. And confusing.

Why, thought the devout Paladin, would the men and women of Wyldshire rail against those sent to protect them? Without the Peacekeepers, chaos threatened the city. Pelgrane’s men served an obvious need. Yet the people cry out in defiance nonetheless.

Pelgrane prayed to Light for answers. He was certain Archbishop Ruger’s benevolence towards Wyldshire was the right course of action. Now, more than ever, the people needed protection. Too long had they relied upon the tools of faithless arcanists. Light would heal the wounds of the city and Pelgrane, under his Archbishop’s guidance, would administer the salve. The Paladin didn’t blame the citizens for their misguided anger. He only sought to educate them.

Sometimes in life, learning a lesson was painful.

No – that didn’t feel right. It was the kind of thinking Darkbringers used to instill their Dictates. That couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t, apply in this case…should it? The spiritual turmoil shook Pelgrane to his core. It weighed on him so heavily, he didn’t notice the vial of Alchemist’s Fire that exploded at the feet of his mount.

His lion roared in defiance. Pelgrane snapped back to attention. As usual, the demonstration was turning ugly. He had hopes this one would stay civil. At least, in this instance, they were calling for the heads of the Clerics and Arcanists alike. On the one hand, the Church was oppressing the people. And on the other sat gelded, powerless Wizards who let the Templars run amok. Just moments before, the crowd was chanting, “We need a man like Worgrave!” in solidarity. While the Paladin was far away in his thoughts, someone decided to opt for violence.

Commander Pelgrane drew his sword and summoned his divine powers; his heart breaking as he did so. It was time to restore order, even if that meant clashing with civilians. The very people the Paladin swore an oath to protect.

Faith in the Light, Pelgrane. Faith in the Light.

* * *

Bergamont so tired. Bad men brought bad monster back. Bad men ruin Bergamont’s garden. Bad men hurt Bergamont.

Bergamont miss little forest friend. Bergamont miss little forest friend’s friend too. They would help Bergamont. Bad men not help, they hurt Bergamont.

Bergamont hide but bad men may find Bergramont. Bergamont scared.

Bergamont sleep now. Maybe Bergamont see little forest friend. Maybe see little forest friend’s friend too. And fuzzy wolf.

Bergamont scared.

Land In Revolt Interludes X

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