Land In Revolt Interludes XIII

“You’re late.”

The cloaked figure behind the dwarf hurried to keep pace. “So sorry, er, sir? Captain? Brother? I’m not really sure what to call you now…”

Maulik pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers as he sighed. “Don’t…don’t call me anything. This is supposed to be covert, remember? Just keep behind me and talk as I walk.”

“Riiiiiiiiiiight,” replied the other man. “That’s a really good idea. You’re good at this!”

Ignoring the compliment, Maulik got straight to business. “What updates do you have for me?”

“Well,” began Maulik’s tail, “things have been verrrrry busy on the frontier. We’ve got the first Church of the Lightsworn built and everything! The people there have been super nice. Some are even coming to services! They make really good food there and—”

“No, no,” interrupted the dwarf. “That’s not the kind of update I’m talking about. First, how may Lightsworn have you managed to move out of the city?”

“Oh, quite a few! We’ve got a lot of able bodies with us now. And most have even come though the Essence Way unscathed. Lucky ducks…”

“That’s good to hear,” Maulik said nodding. “Things are getting dire here. Those who may be the future of this Church need to be far away from the chaos when the dam breaks. Have you uncovered who’s organizing the bombing cells?”

“I’m not really in charge of THAT whole thing. But I haven’t heard any news about it from the others.”

“You need to make that top priority,” Maulik replied through clenched teeth. “People are DYING here. The situation is spinning rapidly out of control. Every time there’s an attack, it adds fuel to Ruger’s fire. He’s overstepping boundaries and the people are behind him because they’re frightened. The Quorum is becoming increasingly isolated. I don’t see a good end to this.”

“…Ummm, yes. That sounds really, really bad. We should definitely do something about that.”

“THAT’S EXACTLY-” the angered dwarf cut himself off. Taking a moment, he continued, “What about Santos? What’s his take on all this?”

“We haven’t, uh…heard from him lately.”

“Dirty slag-son, whoremonger…what in the Gods’ name is he DOING out there? While I wouldn’t blame him for leaving the group of you sodding Debs to your own devices that doesn’t mean he SHOULD. I need to know the MOMENT he contacts you, understand?”

“Alright…but if we’re in Traindure and you’re in Wyldshire how can I let you know the moment he contacts us? I don’t think I know that spell yet.”

Maulik stopped short and clenched his fists. The cloaked figure bumped into him as a result. “S-sorry Captain Brother sir,” he said sheepishly.

Breathing heavily, Maulik replied, “I didn’t mean it LITERALLY you elgram! Just connect with me after one of YOU speak with him. Get back to your brothers, you’re driving me mad.”

“Will do!” Maulik’s shadow hurried away with purpose.

“Wait!” the dwarf called out. “Have you had any luck with your, uh, condition?”

Looking around, Finn cautiously dropped his hood for a moment to reveal his face. Like the rest of his body, his skin was a shade of bright blue. With more than a little sarcasm, the big-hearted Cleric replied, “What do YOU think?”

* * *

The two women stared at one another for an uncomfortable amount of time. The elder composed her thoughts and spoke first. “I still don’t understand why you’re doing this.”

“I…I owe him,” replied the younger. She swallowed hard and shook her head. “More than that, actually. He’s a good man. He’s shown kindness to me no one has before. Kindness I certainly haven’t deserved. Especially from him. This is my way of saying thank you.”

The older woman considered this for a moment. “If what you told me is true, why in the world should I trust you?”

“I suppose you shouldn’t,” the other replied. “But my guess is you’re going to take me up on the offer anyway.”

More silence filled the room. “I’ve hoped for so long…” said the elder. “It’s almost unbelievable.”

With a smirk, the younger replied, “You know what they say about politics and bedfellows. I’m sorry, I have to leave. Every second I stay-”

“I understand more than you know,” interrupted the other. “When you see him, give him our love.”

The younger woman’s pale cheeks flushed. “Our?!”

The older cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, for Jenissa and me. What did…oh, I see.” She smiled warmly and nodded. “Gods’ speed.”

Awkwardly nodding back, the younger woman hurried towards the window. Without a noise, she leapt from the ledge. Shocked, the older ran to see if she was safe.

Try as she may, Sera Worgrave found no trace of the beautiful red-headed woman who brought hope in the still of the night.

* * *

Drip, drip, drip goes the blood.




Where everything writhes. Where something stirs.

Ancient. Patient. Hungry.

A thousand eyes. A million maws. A billion souls.

Drip, drip, drip.

Land In Revolt Interludes XIII

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