Lord Cathist

A central figure in The Mage Rebellion, Cathist waged war upon Majeria as a pure embodiment of evil. While he was instrumental in carrying out the Mages’ plan he was the key figure in a plot even more dire than anything the Essence-wielders could imagine.

Cathist was a rarity in simply being who (or what) he was. He was a half-demon; born from a human mother raped by a pit fiend of great power. Cathist’s father had set his sights on conquering Majeria but needed a vessel to pave his way. The opportunity presented itself when a human sorcerer dabbling in dark arts struck a deal with the demon. The sorcerer sought immortality and Cathist’s father was happy to oblige. The price was the spell-caster’s wife who the pit fiend used to sire Cathist. When he was born, the demon-spawn was quickly whisked away to begin his “education.” Cathist would forever be tortured with visions from his father ordering him to prepare for his entry to the world. Once he was old enough, Cathist was trained as a blackguard or anti-paladin deriving his unholy powers from his father’s demonic realm.

Under constant influence from his father, Cathist made a name for himself brutally conquering foes in the Western nations. He chose his battles carefully to ensure each victory would garnish him the most reputation. Cathist’s father knew of the Mages’ plot and used it to his advantage. He would maneuver his son into a position of power within their network. Once there Cathist would aid them in their goals until such time as he could enter the world and create a living Hell on Majeria. Cathist would be his vessel and the Mages his unwitting servants.

As expected, Cathist caught the eye of Robitai who viewed him as the perfect leader for his burgeoning army. After a brief “audition” where he decimated Castle Valiant (a renowned citadel housing some of Majeria’s most famous heroes), Cathist took his rightful place as General of The Black March. He was merciless, cruel and brilliant. He whipped (often literally) the soldiers into shape. Through fear and sheer power he brought them together. Any internal opposition was crushed beneath his boot. Those he met in battle were slaughtered with incredible fervor. Cathist became as feared as the army itself.

Once The Spire was in the hands of the Mages, Cathist convinced them he should escort them to their final destination. After all, The Heroes of Crossroad City had given chase and they posed a great threat to the Mages’ success. Cathist engaged the Heroes several times and retarded their progress. The confrontations caused Crolin Orcslayer to develop a personal enmity towards Cathist as the two often squared off.

Cathist would realize his destiny during the final battle within Holy Lands. Growing ever powerful with aid from his father the blackguard made his play for power. He single-handedly butchered most of The Pantheon, utilizing them as sacrifices to his father. He only needed to wait until Robitai unleashed the power of The Spire and his father would enter through the portal. This act, however, forced his hand; his heinous goal was now revealed to The Heroes of Crossroad City. Crolin Orcslayer met Cathist once again in single combat to thwart him. The battle was intense as both fought with augmented power. Cathist was infused with his almost fully-materialized father and the God of Darkness lent some of his power to Crolin.

Ultimately Darkness would prevail using trickery instead of sheer force. The God convinced Cathist to fight back against his father who was rapidly replacing Cathist’s very existence. Crolin never knew what the bargain was but because the God was inhabiting his body he heard whispers of a deal struck with the blackguard. Cathist apparently accepted; the half-demon began to wrack with pain and, in a horrific display, exploded taking any chance of his father’s entry into Majeria with him.

Lord Cathist

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