Majeria's History

Below is a transcription of the Majerian modern timeline recently commissioned for the Temple of Light in Wyldshire. The actual engravings are accompanied by ornate reliefs depicting the historical events. DT represents ‘Dues Tempus’ or ‘Era of the Gods.’ SA represents ‘Substantia Aevum’ or ‘Age of Essence.’

500,000 SA to 400,000 SA – The Awakening

The Ageless Ones poured their blood, their very Essence, into a single vessel. So Majeria was born. They descend to their creation and begin to shape the world.

400,000 SA to 350,000 SA – The Breath of Life

Their world had grown so The Gods create beings to inhabit it. They shaped the Essence into all manners of people and gave them free will. Grateful for life, the people worship their Parents and all was good.

350,000 SA to 250,000 SA – The Spark of Magic

The Gods’ children learn of magic and their parents are proud. The children spread across the land and shape the world further. Essence provides them their gifts and for that they are grateful. The people flourished and all was beautiful.

250,000 SA to 100,000 – The Exodus

The children begin to forget their parents. They worship the blood now and not the donor. The Ageless Ones did not lament – their children had grown. The Parents decide to bequeath their creation to their children. They left them one last gift… those who could shape their blood. The Parents fade from memory and all was different.

100,000 SA to 5 SA – The Era of False Idols

The children grow without their Parents but grow without guidance. With the shapers of Essence they build great cities and civilizations. The cost is their free will. The children treat the shapers like gods and the shapers soon believe they are. Betrayal festers and all was dark.

5 SA to 1 DT – The Rebellion

The shapers rebel, the Essence thins and the children slaughter one another. There is Light in the Darkness and whispers come from the Shadows. Heroes rise and villains fall. The shapers try to rule the children but the Parents return from afar. All was better.

1 DT to 10 DT – The Cleansing

The shapers’ blight is purged from the land. Lightbearers, Darkbringers and Shadowtheists heal the children with blessings from their Parents. The children are wayward no more. The Ageless Ones returned and all is new.

Majeria's History

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