Robitai, dubbed The Grand Betrayer by Majerians, is the Mage credited with starting The Mage Rebellion. He spent years bringing together Mages of a like mind. They met in secret to plan their ascension to godhood no matter the cost. His influence was widespread; most of the Mage community supported him wholeheartedly by the time the rebellion began. Thanks to Robitai, Mages believed the people of Majeria took advantage of their gift and it was time to claim their rightful place at the top of the world.

Robitai harbored great resentment towards the average Majerian. He looked down upon them as lesser life forms. Those that could shape Essence, he believed, were practically gods already so why should they bend to the whims of peasants. Everett Callow’s aggressive policies towards working with the people enraged him even further. Robitai needed to elevate the Mages to their proper status.

His ultimate plan came to him when he began to hear rumors of a lone Cleric roaming the land in search of a Tome of great importance. He kept a watchful eye on Simon the Lightbearer for several years. As he learned more of his holy mission, Robitai began to conduct his own research on The Spire. He quickly learned he could use the artifact to achieve his goals and so The Mage Rebellion was hatched.

Robitai met his end in the Holy Lands at the hands of a God-infused Furnok Darmordir.


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