The Battle of Darmordir

Undoubtedly the most famous skirmish of The Mage Rebellion, this battle marked an important turning point for the players involved.

The Black March had been led to believe by the Mages that Darmordir must fall in order to take hold of the Essence in Maccordia. If the fabled, impregnable dwarven city was toppled then the rest of the territory would easily succumb to them. The true reason for the battle was to cause a distraction large enough for the Mages to acquire The Spire from the royal vaults.

The massive army made their way to Darmordir with little resistance. Though the huge combined force of The Black March was epic in scope the day would not be theirs so easily. The dwarves alone were formidable opponents but they also had reinforcements from the elves of Loral’eil (thanks to the Heroes of Crossroad City) and the wizards of Wyldshire at their disposal.

Ever calculating, the Mages accounted for this possibility so they hedged their bets. By manipulating one of the dwarven royal family, Mages had been granted access to Darmordir for the first time in generations prior to The Mage Rebellion. Traditionally, dwarves were untrusting of Mages. They relied little on Essence outside of the mundane. While inside the walls of Castle Darmordir the Mages made a journey to the Underdark via ancient tunnels long closed off by the dwarves. There, they made contact with a cabal of mind flayers who bore great hatred to the dwarves. The Mages promised the monsters all the brains they could consume for their assistance in the future attack. When the time came, the mind flayers upheld their end of the bargain and began an assault inside the walls of Darmordir. Chaos erupted as those defending the city were now forced to do battle on two fronts.

Furnok Darmordir valiantly took control of the situation. With aid from the Heroes of Crossroad City he drove back the subterranean threat and secured the inner sanctum once more. During these exploits, the Heroes witnessed the theft of The Spire by the resident Mages. At the urging of a seriously wounded Simon the Lightbearer they gave chase to the thieves which began the journey that led them to the Holy Lands.

Even after The Spire was stolen, the battle waged on for months. The Black March cared little about the artifact and continued on with the strategy originally laid forth. There were countless losses on both sides. It seemed it would be an endless stalemate until the neutral territories to the South fought back against the invaders. Through guerrilla tactics, the freedom fighters cut off invaluable supply lines The Black March needed to sustain itself. This weakened the war machine to the point where its leaders were forced to reevaluate their situation. Retreat was eventually the answer especially after the revelation of the Mages’ treason.

Darmordir held strong but its ancient stone was stained with blood. It took close to a year after the battle to properly dispose of the fallen soldiers. The dwarves also live with the fear their neighbors from below may return in the future.

The Battle of Darmordir

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