The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22

File: The Battle of Dead Manor (The Old Chi-Ro Estate)

Exhibit 22.0

From the Journals of Dr. Killan Chi-Ro.

(Unspecified dates. They were put in order as best as can be determined)

Essence be praised. It is time to start chronicling this life as a memoir so that some day Sigfried will know where he came from.

From humble beginnings, I never thought I would be as happy as I am now. My son is growing up to be a smart, strong, brave and affable young man and my wife is as beautiful and glowing as when I first met her.

I am more enamored with her each and every day. Siggy seems to be spending more and more time communing with the forests around our manor. It’s amazing to watch the animals flock to him and if I wasn’t now a man of science, I’d say the trees and plants bent towards him as he walks down the dirt paths. A “wiseman” in town said he is a Shal’Hai, and who knows, maybe he is. I’ve never been one for myths and fanciful history but whatever he turns out to be, I will be proud of him.

I, like a lot of the folks around here started off as a simple bean farmer. However, as I have been told, I am a natural salesmen and took to land acquisition, trading and sales not only quickly but passionately. My first transaction was nothing more than the result of a good harvest, some extra income and the chance to increase my parcel to grow more in the coming season. That transaction left a taste in my mouth and a hunger that needed to be slated. With each transaction though, the hunger grew and I am glad it did. For now we own the largest parcel, the biggest manor and have interests in land well beyond the borders of this little town. With our success, we’ve been able to run off some of the more vile landlords and give people a fair deal. Sigfried has been educated, has traveled and has had access to countless books and learning opportunities. He’s not the only one however, as I have decided to become a man of science and study medicine. It is something that I have though about for some time, and now that our land dealings are producing a steady income I can afford to pursue other interests.

(The page is ripped there. There are a number of pages missing.)

The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22

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