The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22-1

File: The Battle of Dead Manor (The Old Chi-Ro Estate)

Exhibit 22.1

From the Journals of Dr. Killan Chi-Ro.

(Unspecified dates. They were put in order as best as can be determined)

My research has led me to what is being called “historic” and “monumental” life saving and wound care techniques. No magic, no potions, no praying. A steady hand and a true heart is all you need whether you are on the harvest field or the battlefield.

Now, that’s not to say that Essence and magic don’t have their place. They are real things and they can do great good, but they may not always be here. The Gods up and left us, if they were ever here at all, so who is to say that all of the sparkling ooze won’t someday dry up? When it does, and when the potions become so expensive that only the rich can afford them the regular people, the ones who till the soil and slaughter the beast will need care for their torn flesh and broken bones. The armies and citizen militia that protect us from the darkness will need stitches and transfusions. It is this medicine that will allow them to recover. To LIVE!

Last week, I saved a hog’s life. Strange to write it on paper because it seems so trivial, almost laughable. However I saw an opportunity to use a new stitching technique on which I was working and I took it. The farmer over at Raven’s Perch, the one who runs the large livestock business, has been having a nasty problem with a local population of wolves. One of his hogs, and actually his best hog – the one he uses for breeding – sustained a deep neck laceration before he could get down and chase the beast off.

He came into town, frantic and rightfully so, because losing that hog could mean a lot of income for him and his family. I sent Sigfried back to the manor to retrieve my suture kit (that kid is so damn quick) and told him to meet me at Raven’s Perch. When he arrived, I went to work on the hog’s neck with a technique I am calling “Simple Running Sutures,” which is really just a series of uninterrupted “Simple Interrupted Sutures.”

SUCCESS! I stopped the bleeding and the hog is, as I have heard, back on his feet, eating and drinking. I have received permission to practice this technique on injured humans should they request a non-magical form of healing or if a magical form of healing is not available. I think I am going to start up a practice in the old, burned out potion shoppe in town where I can teach others. That building has been abandoned for years and I actually own the land it sits on so it is a great opportunity to start doing some good. How symbolic is that? To build a magic-free wound care practice on the plot of a burned down, abandoned, potion shoppe?

(The rest of the entry is blood stained. The ink has run and is illegible.)

The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22-1

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