The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22-2

File: The Battle of Dead Manor (The Old Chi-Ro Estate)

Exhibit 22.2

From the Journals of Dr. Killian Chi-Ro.

(Unspecified dates. They were put in order as best as can be determined)

What a great first month at “The Redemption Health Practice.” We’ve taken on 3 new students, and we have treated over 20 patients for burns, scrapes, cutaneous wounds and fractures.

I am sorry to say we seem to have put the only other magical remedy shoppe out of business. People, en masse, seem to want to embrace non-magical healing. I guess they too fear that healers and potions just won’t be around when they need them. It’s OK. We will be there.

The only thing that vexes me is Sigfried doesn’t seem all that interested in learning about medicine. That’s selfish of me though because he is excelling as a young man. Him not following directly in my footsteps should not be a point of contention for me as long as he is succeeding. Every day he grows quicker, more agile. He creeps up on me in the manor like a ghost as he doesn’t make a sound when he walks. He has taken to the military arts with elegance, fervor and natural prowess. I bought an ornate, custom-carved bow from the Fletcher over at Town’s Edge for his last birthday. I had him craft it such that it contains my name, his mother’s, Sigfried’s and the name of our manor: Catholicon Point. He took to it like he was born to shoot the thing. We hired one of the local militia heads to tutor him and he quickly surpassed his ability to the point where he can shoot two arrows with more accuracy in the same amount of time as the average man can shoot one. He’s moved onto swordplay now and is getting the hang of it as well. Who knows where it will take him and what he will accomplish with it. His knowledge of the forest is greater than my knowledge of medicine. There is not a plant or animal he cannot identify (or identify with) and he can construct all manner of shelter, healing pastes, as well as locate food and water sources. His tracking abilities are uncanny and he proved it just recently. One of our older servants became spooked by something and ran headlong into the forest during an awful rainstorm. The man was delirious – beside himself. Almost like he was possessed (he is a superstitious man, always having visions and the like). He had a good hour head start on Siggy but the boy ran into the forest and retrieved him. The rain did nothing to slow him down. The man is resting comfortably in the house now.

The name Town’s Edge is purely nostalgic now. Our little town is growing into a bigger town every month! With all the new folks coming through to see us and to learn about medicine, more and more trade is taking place. This is allowing us to grow at an exponential rate. I have bequeathed a few larger unused parcels of land to the town for use in municipal projects. Soon we will have a well-regulated armed force and a local police force. We will put Oakdene on the map yet!

Tera doesn’t seem as happy lately however. I think she is upset I am spending so much time at the practice but I can’t stop now. People are coming from far and wide to not only receive our medical treatments but to learn them as well. We are opening a general care practice next week to provide preventative methods of medicine too. We may single handedly increase life expectancy for the region if we can teach people the simple steps they can take to ensure a healthier more comfortable life.

I wonder if

(The page here is ripped and no more text for this entry is available)

When we excavated the basement of the potion shoppe to build the clinic there were a number of sickly green and purple potions in the basement. I have yet to identify them as the labels were all burned off or ruined by ash and soot. There were a number of very strange materials in the underground levels as well. Staffs and daggers, strange looking and smelling candles and herbs. There were ancient (and I imagine very rare) texts in there as well and I plan to read through them later tonight if for no other reason than to gain a little insight on how the previous owners looked at the world around them.

As luck would have it, there was also an Essence stream (though, now dried up) running right through the middle of the subterranean storage area. I imagine these people were of the religious or superstitious mindset because they had drawn and carved all manner of symbols and runes around and near the

(The page here is burned. There is no more text available for this entry)

The Battle of Dead Manor - Exhibit 22-2

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