The Gods

In the beginning there was only Light, Shadow and Darkness. Though deeply endeared to one another, they grew lonely. They decided to create a world and let it grow from their blood. And as the blood flowed, the land grew into something wonderful…

The Gods have newly returned to Majeria within the past 15 years. For countless years they removed themselves from their world and watched over its inhabitants like admiring parents. The Mage Rebellion forced them to directly intervene once more.

The true Pantheon of Gods in Majeria is quite small, comprised only of three celestial beings that represent the broader aspects of the world they oversee:

Light He oversees all that is good in Majeria. His followers devote their lives to helping others in need, healing the sick and elevating the destitute. Clerics of Light are also called Lightbearers. He is Darkness’ brother and Shadow’s husband.
Shadow She is Majeria’s middle-ground and sovereign of neutral-minded folk. Shadow’s followers are often attuned to nature as she is credited with infusing the land with her divinity. Clerics of Shadow are also called Shadowtheists. She is both Light’s and Darkness’ wife.
Darkness He fuels the evil that men do. Without darkness, there cannot be light and vice versa. Evil exists in many forms and not always is it the horrible tyrant. Followers of Darkness seek power above all else. Clerics of Darkness are also called Darkbringers. He is Light’s brother and Shadow’s husband.

The Gods

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