The Heroes of Crossroad City


These fabled heroes were key figures in The Mage Rebellion. Starting out only embarking on sundry quests like so many of the adventuring ilk, their travels led them down a path where they would be instrumental in uncovering the Mages’ plot for ascension, the recovery of a major artifact ( The Spire) and the slaying of a demonic vessel hell-bent on conquering the world.

The original Heroes were three strong: Furnok Darmordir, Crolin Orcslayer and Aramil Nailo. Crolin and Aramil had adventured together for quite some time before adding the dwarf to their ranks but the three hit things off rather quickly. After a few exciting experiences together, fate threw the three of them headlong into Crossroad City’s Coliseum and, ultimately, their destinies.

In the chaos of the tragic city’s downfall the group grew by two. Seeing the plight of the original three Heroes, the drow Oinathalas Dorinthas and the half-elf Nyther Darken assisted with the evacuation of the citizens as well as the confrontation with Virgil the Martyr. The elves were a welcome addition, lending their special powers to round out the party. Though they had their own personal agendas with which to contend, they agreed to continue on for the cause of the greater good.

The Heroes of Crossroad City

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