The Spire

Arguably the most important artifact in Majeria’s history, the Spire played a prominent role in The Mage Rebellion.

The artifact resembles a large, ornate, golden corkscrew. Its age is unknown but scholars now believe it existed thousands of years ago when the Gods still interacted with the people of Majeria. The Spire contains both arcane and divine magical signatures making it one of a kind; the blending of both these magics into one vessel is currently beyond the means of Wizards, Clerics and Mages alike.

The Spire’s only confirmed ability is to open a literal pathway to the Gods. How to do so is detailed in the Tome of Light. This ancient religious work provides the reader with explicit instructions on how harness the artifact’s ability. Lost for ages, the Tome resurfaced during The Mage Rebellion and was brought to Darmordir to be reunited with The Spire. Both were stolen by the Mages during The Battle of Darmordir.

The Spire was consumed during the opening of the conduit to the Gods’ realm by Robitai, the Grand Betrayer. Most believe the fashion in which Essence was utilized by the Mage as opposed to divine magics caused its destruction. Symbolically, those of faith believe the destruction of The Spire was the end of separation between the Gods and Majeria provoking them to enter the world once more.

The Spire

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