Maccordia’s capital is the crown jewel of all Majeria’s cities. Beyond riches, beyond accomplished architecture and beyond works of art there is Wyldshire. The city is a perfect blend of raw Essence and shaped magic resulting in the most advanced metropolis in the world.

The city has stood for thousands of years, advancing and growing further with each passing day. The most powerful wizards, sorcerers and spell-casters flock to Wyldshire to grow their abilities to epic levels. At the same time, they traditionally partnered with accomplished Mages to create spectacular technological innovations. From everything to flying chariots (known as “Floaters”) to animated golems, Wyldshire yields a limitless bounty of oddities and marvels. This partnership (and the resulting accomplishments) was considered to be the embodiment of Majeria’s greatest qualities.

All that changed due to The Mage Rebellion. Wyldshire was called upon to defend the borders of Maccordia and the world at large. The city lent its greatest spell-casters and warriors to the front. Its elders enlisted the help of the Heroes of Crossroad City to call upon its elven neighbors. Wyldshire served as a beacon of light during these hard times and its devotion to fighting The Black March never wavered. It was no surprise then, when the extent of Mages’ treachery was revealed, the city and its people were devastated. Everything Wyldshire represented was tainted; all the incredible wonders now served as eerie reminders of an enemy that lurked in the shadows for so long. The city was the most aggressive in its policy toward Mages during The Cleansing. Though not as direct as the evil nations’ policy of “kill without question,” many Mages were put to death thanks to edicts from Wyldshire’s courts. The trials were formalities and the executions were always public. Most try not to speak of these times as much shame is shared among the citizens for the mob mentality.

Wyldshire currently retains its status as Majeria’s greatest city but its level of advancement has severely declined. With only a few Mages “employed” by the ruling wizards the desire for innovation wanes. Where the city has seen major advancement is in religion. Clerics abound these days and the Lightbearer’s massive Temple of Light is housed here.


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