Aetas Fides

It has been 15 years since The Mage Rebellion and the face of Majeria has changed forever. Mages are outlaws, the raw magic of this land known as Essence acts with an unheard of sentience and the lines between good and evil have never been blurrier.

The Gods have made their presence known once again and the people begin to embrace religion; no longer worshiping raw Essence as before. Clerics, now commonplace in these times, are employed to keep Mages in line and serve as another voice in governments once dictated primarily by arcane magic-users. They also bring with them faith – belief in the Gods that saved the land from the power-hungry Mages. But like so many of man’s foibles, faith can be misplaced and used for baser purposes…

The Heroes of Crossroad City are legends in their own right, some even still alive to tell the tales of their exploits. However, it is time for new stories to be written in this chapter in Majeria’s history.


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