A Bard, a Wizard and a Samurai Walk Into a Ziggurat

Descent Into the Unknown

When we last left our (so-called) heroes some of them had gone off on their own never to be heard from again and new ones were waiting around the corner getting themselves into something that showed they clearly had no idea what they were in for…

Undead creatures rising out of the ground surrounded the group; a foe they have dealt with before but yet knew little about what they really were. The ziggurat loomed next to them with a bright green light and thick smoke emitting out. Sentries rushed around the building to join the fray. At this time, an unknown figure steps out and intercepts one of them. A miscalculation on the part of this mysterious character.

Taran, now aware of the spell to which he has become victim, makes for a terriffic blow with his mighty swords as his armor surges. He quickly intervened as one of the creatures headed straight for Santos. The heroes begin the combat surrounded by the undead who attack by flinging acid. Ralg and Sirene are overcome by the stench of the corpses and cover themselves with vomit after retching. Taran’s unique armor absorbs the acid but Ralg and Jeric are hit. Gaining her composure for a moment, Sirene inspires the heroes with her battle song. And then Santos unleashes a burst of light that tears through the undead creatures with an intensity never before seen – evaporating the zombie-like things into oblivion. Sirene takes off like a coward and is never seen again. Taran, unlike his last few adventures, actually manages to lop the head off his opponent. The Ranger, known for his brutality and quick rage, decimated his foe with a vulgar level of violence. Without warning, a fierce-looking Celestial badger appears out of nowhere. Luckily it is from the work of a new-found companion, Alex, a bizarre wizard.

Meanwhile, the unknown character turns out to be a Bard with a delicate nature and beautiful voice. His handsome looks may not last long though as he is mercilessly beaten down by a guard. That is, of course, until he unleashes a spell against his attacker. Tiny, ghostly violins penetrate the Sentry and cut him to ribbons from the inside out. Taran wipes the final foe in this quick and fierce battle from the face of Majeria.

Sweat beading down mixed with vomit and blood stains, our group does not look good but they do decide to join together and introductions are given. The group now treads carefully into the ziggurat. Much, much larger than it appears from the outside, an immense room looms in front of them. A gigantic stone statue of a warrior is inspected by the group. Naturally, when the curious and horrible fate-driven Ranger taps it with his sword, it awakens. The door behind is slammed shut and they prepare for battle with the stone attacker. “Great” is the only thought running through their heads. Jeric, in an attempt to trip him, actually succeeds and the huge statue falls. A flurry of attacks barely scratch the golem. Taran lands the most powerful blow, but it is clear they are out-matched. The statue stands and wreaks havoc on the team. And I mean….HAVOC. Thinking quickly, the wizard Alex casts a grease spell spilling the stone giant onto his back awaiting for the team to descend on him! They have a tough go making any dents or chunks in him. The heroes move down the corridor in an attempt to escape the statue. Taran and Santos stay in the main room trying to hold him off or crush him to no avail. Suffering damage, they were lucky to get away as they flee to the next hallway. In the other hall the Ranger horribly fails at trying to smash the door open. The statue, trying to regain his balance, decides where to go next…

Jeric and Sigfried, working together (but ignoring their companions), break through the door. In their own little adventure they discover a room with a balcony that they climb up onto. There is a hidden door the Ranger uncovers. They find both magical and horrible items here that may give them nightmares for the rest of their lives, short as that may be. They also walk away slightly richer with gems and gold they found.

In the other corridor, safe for now from the grasp of the golem, the team finds a band of orcs barricaded and obviously guarding something of importance. They try a tactic of negotiation with the orcs but the little creatures insist that they cannot disobey their master and refuse to surrender. Santos, having warned them of their soon-to-be fate, tosses a flask of oil onto the barricade and lights it on fire. The room fills with smoke and fire as the barricade and orcs burn. Screams and a blazing fire delight the team. After the flames are put out, in an idiotic move the Samurai narrowly avoids certain death triggering a deep pit filled with spikes. Seriously…probably the stupidest thing any of these guys have done so far. How are they still alive? Where’s that halfing?

The team rejoins and faces the golem again. The Bard, finding a rod, is almost crushed to death by a devasating blow. Jeric, in an unbelievable act of valour, gets the golem’s attention as the Bard gained control of the statue with the rod. Santos, doing what he does best, heals the badly wounded Niven (Oh yeah, that’s the Bard’s charming name).

Meanwhile, for what seems to be no apparent reason (but not shocking), the Ranger pushes Ralg towards the door past the barricade. Sigfried holds him over the pit threatening him with death unless the necromancer opens the door. Ralg pleads his importance. They peer into the room…

Treading carefully through another set of corridors they find a dying, burned orc. The Ranger gladly puts him out of his misery. Knowing that folly is around the corner, they successfully find a trap but are now themselves being corned by a host of orcs. The ending of this adventure is far from over as the team finds themselves in quite a pickle…



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