Into the Woods...

Tangles with Arachnids and Swine

Jeric and Santos quickly apprehend both Bereks. The Berek at the door suddenly teleported away, claiming that he would report the intrusion to the local militia. During the scuffle Taran began to approach the apartment. With Jeric’s thorn chained belt Sigfried is able to bind the other Berek’s hands to be sure he would not also pull a disappearing act. While Santos talks to Berek, Sigfried and Jeric are having a standoff outside with Taran, who claims to be sent to protect Santos. Moments later a halfing named Tallbottom also approaches and the stand off only extends. Finally they all decide to wait out the militia if they show, since Berek was more than unwilling to go with the heroes to the militia head quarters while bound.

During the night, Tallbottom and Sigfried attempt to play the poorest game of hide and seek ever with the Ranger’s bush. Sigfried finds that the militia is in fact not moving to apprehend anyone and the heroes assume the Berek who disappeared was the imposter.

In the morning the heroes headed to the messenger service where Berek receives a letter from the archbishop that charges Santos and Berek with finding an item called the Divine Augmenter. The device would help control the Mages, and the research the heroes could find would be found in the Shadow Theist’s Library. The heroes stop on the way to Elder Hall, after some help from a gnome named Mr. Flibbergabber, to get papers for Santos to fill out to gain audience with the council to talk about building a Church of Light in the city.

At the Shadow Theist’s Library the heroes are nearly successful with getting access to the proper documentation necessary but fall short due to the Shadow Cleric’s general distrust of outsiders, especially members of other faiths such as Santos. Santos tries his best to talk to the Shadow Cleric, but the Shadow Cleric sees through Santos’ ruse and suspects the Light Cleric is, although make some good points, for the most part is talking out of his ass. While most of the heroes are doing that however, Tallbottom attempted to sneak into the back chamber to get the information, being stopped at the last turn, leaving the heroes with no choice but to make a “donation” to the Shadow Theists, and rid some local farmers of a report of livestock being slaughtered.

The heroes decide to try to find information elsewhere hoping to meet up with a Necromancer Sigfried had met his first night in town. The heroes returned to the Barge Right Inn but he never showed, and the heroes become resolved that they must take the Shadow Cleric’s offer. The Troll hunt began.

Out in the woods the heroes find a forest with spider webs all over them, very large webs, although Taran is apparently unable to notice anything…or that there is a forest. Tallbottom however is planning to purchase a pig as bait for the spiders near a farm. The plan succeeds as four giant spiders approach the pig.

During the battle Sigfried is able to put two arrows in a spider but the quickly caught in webbing against a rock. Jeric is able to use his chain to rip through the spiders and shock them quite a bit. Taran also sweeps in to do a considerable amount of damage to the spiders and the two warriors gang up on them taking some damage and doing their best to avoid poisoning. Tallbottom, taking the subtle approach, sneaking behind the spiders and doing a huge amount of damage. Santos is able to summon a Celestial Bear, while protecting Sigfried from harm.

The spiders are all killed, the farmers saved, and amazingly, the pig was not harmed at all. The heroes now had a new mascot: Spider Pig.



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