Raxis' Rage

The Dragon Onslaught of Wyldshire

The battle continues! Taran draws his bow, and, fearing change, decides to miss twice. Jeric knows that if he can just free Crolin Orcslayer, the battle will be won. He attempts, in his vomit induced state, to take his cloak and knock over the orb that has Crolin entranced. *Squeak Squeak*


Though, upon touching the orb he is also thrown into a trance. Taran screams at the Duskblade to be more useful, missing the irony of situation. Sigfried decides to do some good and immediately crosses to one of the dretches and cuts through him like butter, practically in a cloud of smoke, seemingly banishing him from the plane. The Demon crashes his fists into the ground, crying out in a fearsome croak, as if summoning the Abyss to rise from the floor. The blast instantly breaks apart the room into a swirl a lava creating a portal to the Abyss from where the Demon hails. The Heroes within the blast are suddenly weakened and Darious and Travaar are paralyzed. It is not looking good for our Heroes. *Squeak Squeak*


So…in the swirling vortex of lava…sucking the heroes down in the endless pit of destruction and hell fire, they are on platforms of the broken room literally surfing the fire. Everyone’s new favorite action sport. The dretches start attacking the Heroes, unable to be very effective against even those that are dazed. In fact, one even falls down in front of Santos. Travaar’s dog jumps up to attack the Demon, but is overcome by its horrendous smell and vomits, then proceeding to eat it. Taran is much more effective in this fiery underworld and dispatches his dretch. Santos stumbles to the Demon and, casting a crown of holy flame around him, calls out the Demon to strike him. Barker Louis whimpers back to Travaar. Taran leaps across the field of lava to aid Jeric by destroying the dretch around him, turning it into black goo. The Ranger begins to hack at the dretches around him with Redemption and his short blade, covering Santos’ back while he engages the Demon.

The Demon attempts to slow down Santos, but his connection to the Light and sheer will power allow him to not die from the face-shot of energy. The last dretch begins to attack Darious and chews on his neck, slowly killing the newly-knighted Templar. Jeric, meanwhile, is having a battle of the mind and seems to be winning as Crolin Orcslayer comes out of his stupor! Santos, knowing that his friends will be in certain danger while paralyzed, casts dispel magic on Travaar and Darious freeing them. Back on his feet, Darious jumps up onto the platform above to avoid complete annihilation. Taran helps Jeric as he tries to get the chains off of Crolin. Rhino Travaar gets up onto the platform above and gores the Demon near to death. But it is not enough! The Heroes realize they have made a horrible tactical decision and suddenly know they are going to swirl down into the inferno that shall be their grave.

The Demon, nearly gored to death, decides he must escape… but not without a captive. He grabs Sigfried and teleports away. Suddenly, there is a flash of light. Before the Heroes can count their numbers, they are back into the room in which they originally started. Crolin breaks free of his chains and Ruger is lowered to the ground. Taran rushes over and takes the Archbishop in his arms, not really in a great way, as Crolin also rushes over to Rugers aid. Before the Heroes can congratulate themselves on the epic victory, there is a shuddering of the earth.


The dragons have come…*Squeak Squeak*

The heroes run outside and see the carnage that has already begun. Everyone is immediately terrified of the hundreds of dragons laying waste to the city. Only Santos, Crolin and Ruger are able to hold onto their composure. The giant red dragon, Raxis is perched now on the Dome of Heaven, incinerating the once-pristine look of Wyldshire. Before the Heroes can do anything, Crolin is pinned by a large black dragon. The black dragon growls at Crolin, “You’ll not ruin this for Lord Raxis.” Crolin tells the Heroes to stop Raxis with the orb that once held the Guardian hostage.

Before the Heroes can put a plan into action, a seemingly berserker female dwarf charges out of the chaos and does a running leap-jump with a giant war axe, burying it into the back of the dragon. Before the dragon can acidify the mad dwarf, Crolin jumps on it to keep her from an untimely end. Also, Santos is black. The dwarf introduces herself as Santos casts air walk on Jeric so he can get up to Raxis without the danger of falling. Travaar transforms into a dire bat to help Jeric get up the side of the Dome even faster. The others look on and see that, believe it or not, Jeric is walking on air. While they are watching, the heroes are attacked by a green dragon.

Santos takes the time to recite from the book of the Light and all members of the party feel emboldened. The dwarf, feeling particularly empowered, charges the dragon as only a mad warrior could and buries her war axe into the monster. Taran takes the time to drink his potion of bull strength, getting ready to fight a fucking dragon. Barker Louis charges into battle while Bat Travaar flies upwards! The green dragon unleashes his acid breath on all of the Heroes, scalding them. Jeric looks down at his companions and, not wanting to miss out on any dragon-slaying, rains down fire from his bat jet. Taran charges up his most mighty charge of the Spartan Samurai (to which he apparently now belongs) and leaps to slay the dragon. It almost seems like Taran is going to miss, but some magical energy, something that smells like wet dog, boosts Taran and he strikes the dragon with such force that he regains a small amount of honor. Santos deals searing holy damage to the green dragon, while Darious sadly loses his weapon.

Not to be outdone by shitty situations happening to them, a blue dragon is diving full tilt at Jeric and Bat Travaar. Seeing it approaching Jeric unleashes a bolt of fire into the blue dragons wing. The green dragon, unable to breath his acid breath again, begins to swipe wildly at all of the Heroes. Hitting them all, the dragon does a good amount of damage. Bat Travaar tosses Jeric away to try and split off thus forcing the blue dragon to choose who to kill first. Just before Jeric has to make a tough decision, a floater comes by and picks up the Duskblade. In the floater is Cesa Alera pointing a crossbow at his face and making it very clear they’re “even” now. The floater begins to fly towards Raxis.

Bat Travaar rains down lighting from above, dealing serious damage while the new dwarven lady warrior swings her axe and lets it hit the ground, quickly picking it up. Taran, displaying a moment of extreme viciousness, slices the dragon’s head off. He then gives his try at a new catch phrase, letting the group know “Lunch is served”.


The Blue dragon unleashes a terrifying string of lightening.


Instantly killing Santos and Darious.

No serious. They just die. Archbishop Ruger suddenly snaps into action and heals the party, bringing Darious and Santos back from the brink of death. The blue dragon still tears towards the Heroes who realize they have been saved only to die again. That is until Lord Raxis, the very villain who was just destroying thousands of lives, reaches down and snatches the blue dragon, ripping it to pieces, thus saving the Heroes. *Squeak Squeak* The orb seems to have entranced Lord Raxis who is now under the control of an unseen power.

Jeric and Cesa bid their not-so-fond farewells and Jeric rejoins the party. Crolin returns letting the Heroes know soon Raxis won’t be a problem as the Gold and Amethyst Dragons appear, deciding to put an end to all of this chaos. They command Jeric to release Raxis. Jeric does so, but Raxis instantly dives at the Heroes. As he does, the Gold Dragon orders Raxis stop the violence. The dragons then accuse the Heroes of using ancient violent weapons (the orb) against them. Madolyne Elias arrives and informs everyone Eleak Dragonsbane was responsible for the orb. She also confirms his access to the sphere of annihilation, Oracle and summoning chamber. These revelations lead those present to believe Dragonsbane was responsible for the kidnapping and the demon spawn.

Raxis vows to always remember the crimes against him, cursing everyone – but especially Jeric who wished he had said his name was Sigfried. Ah missed opportunities. The dragons take their leave, letting the onlookers know the dragons have returned to Majeria. The Heroes walk to Peacekeeper Headquarters with Crolin. He pays Jeric and the other Heroes a very kind respect, hailing them as true heroes. Jeric asks Crolin about Furnok, unfortunately Crolin has no information on that. The Heroes tell their stories to the Peacekeepers and then retire to the Temple of Light. There they meet Maulik, who the Heroes learn is cousins with Vy, the female dwarven warrior who crashed the dragon-slaying party.

The Heroes wake the next morning and, sitting around a table, talk about the untimely fate of Sigfried and the possibility of his being teleported to the Nine Hells. The morning’s feast is well-deserved.


The Heroes are treated to a ceremony later that day as thanks for recovering Ruger and Orcslayer. There they are awarded the titles of Emissaries of Wyldshire, an honor not bestowed on anyone since the Heroes of Crossroad City. The Heroes learn at this time that Vy is a lesbian dwarf…so that’s nice. The Heroes are honored with many gifts. For Jeric, a ring of wizardry. For Santos, a vibrant purple ioun stone. For Taran, boots of haste. For Travaar, a very nice set of wild armor. For Darious, a scabbard of keen edges. For Vy, a restorative ointment.

The Heroes are then alerted the Peacekeepers have gone on strike. Their protest is in reaction to the loss of their brethren during the dragonstrike. They wish to send a stern message regarding the tensions between the arcanists and clerics. Before the procession can leave, Taran stops Ruger to ask for him to remove the geas cast upon him which Ruger does without question. As the Heroes walk through Wyldshire they are congratulated by the throngs of people willing to come out of their houses. They have averted the unimaginable onslaught of dragon fire. However now they must face a task that, although is not as destructive as the breath of a dragon, is all the more potent, complex, and deadly; keeping a city from turning on itself.


Brilliant dude. Just. Brilliant.

Raxis' Rage

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