Revenge and The City Of Wonder

The Dragon Ultimatum

The group wakes in Valencia’s inn, Alex is gone and Berek is dead. They plan to head to Wyldshire as Archbishop Ruger is there and questions must be asked of him. Darious, Santos’ devout follower of the Light, is to be knighted as a Paladin there as well. The group reluctantly meets the Council of Elders before they embark at Santos’ request. The Mage, Carter, is in chains and brought before The Golden Saviors. Santos is denied the opportunity to cast a spell on him. The Mage will be kept alive by the Council but imprisoned for life. Karnic is then brought forth and is unwilling to cooperate. The Cleric upsets the Council, accusing them of spying. Karnic is dragged away again and shouts “Furnok Lives!”, guaranteeing The Saviors will be betrayed by the Council.

It is now time to leave for Wyldshire. The group smartly decides to buy horses (Taran has his Mifune) as they embark on their next long journey. When trying to recall his knowledge about the Nightshade Forest, the Ranger draws a blank and is of little help. (This is the equivalent of rolling a 1. Which happened. Immediately.) A day’s journey take the group to the edge of the forest where trails are clearly marked. The Ranger calms his horse and Mifune, already at ease, starts toward the trees. The group proceeds and not long after a commotion of some sorts is heard. The Ranger carefully rides toward the sounds and the Duskblade readies his powers while rushing behind him. The others disembark from their horses but the Samurai stays atop his mount and faces the inevitable scuffle that lies ahead.

The Ranger and Duskblade lead the warriors to find a group of ghasts and other foul creatures surrounding a man, his dog and a hill giant tied tightly to a tree. Obviously a horrendous fight ensues. It is then when a charge and a hellfire cry from the Samurai devastate the foes before them. The Cleric climbs atop the rocks at the edge of the forest and from his hands bursts sharp, white light into the ghasts; disintegrating them instantly. He then informs the group the evil creature racking blows on top of the defenseless hill giant is a demon. No mortal weapon or spell will hurt it. The hill giant is tied to the tree by a thin stone band wrapped around his wrists. A man with his dog fighting in the fray tries to release him but in his first attempt the man is unsuccessful. The demon continues to pummel and rake the giant. Mifune, who until now has avoided previous battles, proves useful in combat as the Samurai wields him on the battlefield, mowing enemies down to the ground. The Ranger, in typical and angry form, slashes the cultists to bits. The Cleric then sears his powerful light into the demon, bursting him open and making him wail in pain. The remaining cultists are felled and the Gnome and Ranger free the giant from his stone chains.

The Gnome’s dog fiercely guards the fallen bodies of a wolf and a man. Bergamont the giant, Traavor and his dog (named Dioge) tell the companions the evil foes had been collecting various creatures of the forest. They targeted the Giant and somehow had restrained him. The demon the group fought seemed to be controlling the cultists and undead. The Heroes decide to take the bodies of Davon and his wolf to be buried back in Bergamont’s garden. Santos gives the dead their last rites. After this tearful moment with the Giant and his friends, the group is formally introduced to Traavor and decide to camp at the scene of the melee.

As morning breaks, the companions to press on. It is then they find a caravan of decapitated bodies. Amongst the slain they find some gold, jewels and magic scrolls. Another day turns to night and as they sleep, all are woken by horrendous dreams. Eventually they pass out again then take to the road in the morning.

Unexpectedly, Trolls descend on the party from the hills. The Ranger yells to the group, “Fire and acid boys!” (the way to kill them). Most had never seen a troll and knew very little about them; how to fight them, what they may even be wanting with them. But it was too late for a history lesson on these foul brutish creatures. The trolls start dealing damage as the gang is surrounded. The little Gnome and his dog pack a punch, dealing some fire and lightening of their own wounding two of the trolls. The Cleric casts another spell of the Light and emboldens the Heroes. Santos curses a troll rendering him weak. Jeric vanishes and Taran tosses a jar of fire, missing wildly and starting a brush fire. The Ranger is knocked prone but still manages to land blows. Some of the horses knock their riders to the ground and flee the battle. Darious flays his foe and the wounded troll flees the scene. The Cleric turns to the troll descending from the rocks and opens up a divine rain of fire unto him. The Ex-Samurai turns his mount towards the recently burned troll and rides into him with his blade, wounding him terribly and sending him scurrying into the woods.

The Duskblade makes a heartfelt apology for accidentally burning the Ranger during the melee. The Gnome offers his shape shifting services by turning into a war pony, carrying some of the load so that the two horseless adventurers are able to continue. Making their way through the forest, they reach the end and come upon a small village where Jeric and Siegfried purchase new mounts. They quarrel for a time bit ultimately decide to stay for the night and try the inn’s famous rabbit stew (It was ok).
The next morning the group finally reaches Wyldshire. An enthralling, large, fast paced, wealthy metropolis – complete with enchanted floating chariots. And then, there were dragons.

The city is in a panic. Huge crowds of citizens plowing into each other over for cover. Somehow, miraculously, the heroes remain calm (at least calm enough to not go completely insane at the presence of these three monstrous shadows looming over them). Three Dragons of different temperaments and colors have landed on the ground and begin to treat with one of the local officials. They demand the recovery of Crolin Orcslayer, who apparently still lives. The city has three days to deliver, or all shall pay a fiery price.



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