So You Meet In a Tavern...

All Does Not Glitter in the City of Gold

The heroes find themselves in the Barge Wright Inn in Valencia the city of Gold, when a beast bursts in from the side of the inn, practically surprising the heroes who were sitting with their companions. The creature is able to somehow regenerate itself against certain strikes. The heroes remember during the intense combat how they came to the Inn itself.

Santos coming to meet a young adept Berek, encountered a figure on the road toward the Inn. Hoping to help the man Santos quickly found it was a ghast who through the course of the battle proved to be more than just a ghast, capable of magic. Summoning a celestial bear, Santos was able to defeat the unusual ghast. Shaken by the strange occurrence, Santos warily continued to the Inn where he meets Berek, who informs him the creatures of the night have grown strange as of late.

Jeric on his way to the Inn hears a scuffle in the side alley. Not wanting to see an innocent man being beaten, Jeric quickly jumps into action, engaging the two thugs. Jeric was able to slay one, allowing the other to surrender as long as the thug gave up information as to his employer, a halfing, who sent the thugs to collect on the victim’s gambling debts. Jeric, knowing the halfing from before, finds out that he is at a dig site and his name is Karnic part of the Shattered Sigil. Letting the thug go, Jeric returns to the victim and revives him, to find that indeed the man had a gambling problem. Jeric then continues to the Inn and meets Herlont Wright the bartender, whose brother is acquainted with Jeric, and looking to sell the Inn.

Sigfried was on the hunt for someone controlling the undead, his enemy of choice, and heard that there was a puppet master of sorts on the run in Valencia. He tracks down a Necromancer, trying to control two shambling figures, surprisingly to no avail, as the undead turn on the Necromancer. Sigfried decides that the Necromancer is too powerful to be left alive, but before the Ranger can attack him, the ghasts attack the Necromancer and paralyze him. With the Necromancer out of the way, Sigfried was easily able to deal with the ghasts. Turning his attention to the now revitalized Necromancer, who apparently was aware of Sigfried’s heritage, the Necromancer called Ralg agrees to tell Sigfried more about these new and stranger ghasts that have been appearing at the Inn.

Back at the Inn, the heroes all quickly realize that the creature is a form of a magically or evolved undead. Despite turning attempts of the Cleric, it was the Ranger’s self sacrificial axe, and the Fighter’s enhanced battle tactics that slew the undead creature. Sensing foul play, Santos approaches the Necromancer but is informed by Sigfried that he is not to blame, whilst the bartender tries to sell the Inn to Jeric. The heroes left the Necromancer to go with Brother Berek to stay in his smaller room while the next day, the real work begins. Unfortunately Berek does not have much of the information the heroes desire.

During the night, Jeric and Santos are awoken by a rapping on the door. Quickly Santos awoke Berek to see if he was expecting guests. Berek said no, Santos awoke Sigfried, and ready for combat, Jeric open the door quickly, to reveal… Berek.


Amazing work my boy. Simply amazing. I may go in there and correct some spelling of the NPC names but it’s perfect besides.

So You Meet In a Tavern...

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