The Long and Winding Road

Goodbye Wyldshire, Hello World

A commotion inside the Temple sends people scrambling every which way. The Heroes, AKA the newly-appointed Emissaries of Wyldshire, all make their way towards the epicenter. There, all eyes are focused on the dwarf, Vy, who is on her knees cradling another dwarf with Santos standing over them. There are whispers of shock and awe, but before those new to the scene determine exactly what is going on the crowd starts to pave way for Ruger and an entourage of Templars.

The dwarf laying on the ground is named Norin – he is Vy’s brother. As he begins to weakly stand, he whispers he must speak with Santos and Vy, gesturing for them to follow. Maulik, noticing Ruger approaching in the distance, reaches out and takes a hold of Santos’ arm to alert him of Ruger’s presence.

Santos barely has time to notice Ruger when an escort of Templars surround him. Norin, ignoring what is happening, continues to walk away until Ruger commands him to stop. Santos attempts to speak – explaining how he healed this man – when he is cut off by Ruger. “Blasphemer!” shouts the Archbishop. The Templars begin to move closer to Santos, but Ruger commands, “Let them be for now.” Meeting Santos’ gaze, Ruger continues, “The power to resurrect has not been granted by the Light.” Maulik steps in front of Santos and exclaims, “I was there, I felt the Light’s presence. This man was gone.” Ruger gestures for Santos to approach and explain himself; which he does by stating the facts as he saw them. Ruger refuses to even process the explanation and immediately excommunicates him; angrily ordering him to fulfill his quest. “Show that you are still one of the faithful,” he challenges. With murmurs erupting all around, Santos simply replies, “Light be with you.”

Unwelcome in the Church, the group begins making preparations to leave. Norin asks Santos about what happened. The Cleric admits he did indeed raise him from the dead. Since the Church is not a place to talk freely anymore the Heroes gather and head to the Overlook Inn.

The group reconvenes in Jeric’s room, as it’s decided that’s the best room in which to watch Jeric get assassinated. There they begin to finally hear Norin’s story. “Furnok lives!” exclaims the dwarf. Norin excitedly continues to spill what he was dying (and died) to tell: that Darmordir is in flux. Furnok’s brother has done a poor job of keeping the kingdom in order and it’s in a constant state of war since the Mage Rebellion. Norin continues, stating he had a spiritual awakening and the Gods are leaving. Norin picks up on a shared look between Santos and Jeric, pointing a finger in their direction. “You know!” he says. They both nod at him to continue. “Furnok needs help to ascend to Godhood. I assume you know of the Prophecy too?” Again, Jeric and Santos react by nodding. Norin explains, “You, Lightbearer – you’re the Beacon! The other who was with you – the Ranger – is the Avatar!”

Norin then states the purple-robed cultists, officially known as the Cult of Adramelech, are purposefully going out of their way to find the “Champions” slated to replace the Gods. More worrisome is the fact that the cultists are wide-spread throughout the world. Norin calls the Champions the “Chosen of the Essence.” When the cultists and their demon lords are brought up, Santos mentions he and Traavor researched a name Traavor overheard some sinister individuals use in the sewers below the city. The name was Seiradal, a known succubus consort to Adramelech himself. It’s agreed by all she should be avoided right now.

Norin further stresses that these “Chosen of the Essence” need to be protected at all costs. With that, he produces a flyer – an advertisement for arena combat. The arena is in a desert city of the Plainslands called Oasis. The flyer depicts an unkempt and wild-looking dwarf in various battle poses. Norin’s eyes light up as he says, “Furnok is here. It’s him. I know it in my heart.” When everyone glances from the flyer back to Norin he clears his throat, “He has no memory. He doesn’t know who he is. I believe if we get him his shield, the Shield of Darmordir, it will return his memory. And from there put him on the path to Ascension.” Norin tells the group the shield is located in the ancient, cursed dwarven stronghold of Glamgish. None who have tried to retrieve it have returned.

This prompts a discussion with which the group is all-too familiar: what to do next. During the course of the discussion, Santos reveals a letter he received from the Heroes’ old, traitorous “friend” Alexander. The letter scrawls a dire warning: “In the ziggurat, we were seen by His eye. We’re marked now, all of us. He’s coming while They’re leaving. He’s everywhere.” It begs the group to come to Magehelm before “they do.”

So: Oasis, Magehelm, Glamgish …Oakdeen? The Cleric wants to go to Oakdeen. It’s assumed Ralg can be found there and with him, the real Divine Augmenter he stole a month ago. Santos insists that securing this artifact and keeping it out of the hands of the Cult of Adramelech should be the top priority. Since Santos is black and likely has gang-ties nobody disagrees with him. Norin decides to head to Oasis to scout ahead and confirm that it’s really Furnok. He plans to keep an eye on him until the Heroes eventually arrive.

Preparations are made, shopping gets done, mins are maxed and the group procures horses to set off from Wyldshire. As they approach the city gates, someone notices a flyer on one of the city walls. On it is scrawled the phrase We Need A Man Like Worgrave. Once the flyer is noticed, all eyes turn to Jeric who only shrugs and smirks to himself.

Events of note on their travels to Oakdeen are:

A victorious defeat of three huge air elementals. Although Taran dies in this battle he is raised from the dead by Santos; again displaying the amazing feat that led to the Cleric’s banishment from the Church. The experience seems to have a deep effect on the Samurai.

The group gains an advantage against a herd of Gorgons thanks to Traavor’s clever use of earth bending. He forces them all to trip over a conjured wall which leads to an easier than expected victory.

The group displays an act of kindness by feeding and providing water for some elephants in desperate need.

In another very tough battle the Heroes felled three chimera.

And the last battle during this portion of the journey was against a group of elder earth elementals. They tried to take the group by surprise; attacking them as they got in close to investigate the presence of magic detected in two broken-down, decrepit caravans. The elementals were defeated and magic loot was obtained. A second attack by usually passive elementals makes the group wonder further about the changes in the land reported throughout Majeria of late.

Battle-weary but determined, the Heroes continue on the mission to get their shit back. A journey to Oakdeen that’s not even halfway over.


Thanks to Laser J Petitti for getting this Log together for us. See you in two weeks!

The Long and Winding Road

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