Hobgoblin Male Battle Sorcerer


Grimshanks was the High Cultist of a clandestine organization secretly residing in a ziggurat located just outside of Valencia. The hobgoblin was an exception to his kind on several fronts.

For one, he was the sole non-human among a fairly large body of all-human cultists. It is extremely uncommon in subversive groups (or otherwise) to see so many rally behind a single hobgoblin. His race is not known for its taking on of leadership roles outside the field of combat. When the Golden Saviors came upon him, the fervor of his followers was quite obvious.

Grimshanks was also “brighter” than the standard hobgoblin. While his kind are well-known for their ability to carry out sophisticated tactics, very few pursue endeavors outside of battle. Grimshanks appears to have written extensively, per the letters found on his body coupled with the entries he personally made into the strange tome recovered by Alexander. He displayed signs of deep devotion to whatever dark forces motivated the cult. The pile of children’s bones found in his bedchamber certainly indicated a being without boundaries.

The High Cultist was defeated alongside his followers by none other than the Golden Saviors. Liberated from his body were parchments revealing the need for the Staff of Ancients and talk of “Mearis” infiltrating the thief’s dig site outside of the city, a map to the digsite, plans to send ghasts to invade there when Mearis gives word and the Sword of I’s.


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