Human Male Darkbringer


The Golden Saviors first encounter Gyliam outside of Evocations Cafe, the site of Ruger and Crolin’s disappearance. While cryptic and odd, the Darkbringer offers his services to Sigfried. Gyliam informs the hero he is Cathist’s Avatar since Redemption has chosen him. Reluctantly, the Ranger agrees to let the Darkbringer and his partner, Ferim, pursue leads related to Wyldshire’s criminal element.

Gyliam meets his end at the hands of the very Avatar he swore to serve. Finding Sigfried unworthy to wield Redemption, Gyliam struck a deal with Sebastian Falconcrest. The Darkbringer would deliver those responsible for the deaths of Falconcrest’s men in exchange for the opportunity to claim the sword for his own. Redemption had other plans. In one swift slice, Sigfried cut Gyliam in two. The Darkbringer’s remains were unceremoniously tossed on the streets of Wyldshire’s Warehouse District. It seemed Redemption was quite comfortable where it was.


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