Iago (AKA Mearis)

Doppelganger Rogue


A member or the Black Shepherds (although his affiliation with this group is currently in question) encountered by The Golden Saviors. They find him within the dig site supposedly housing a Mage, sent there by the Council of Elders.

A deal was struck with the Shepherds which required the Heroes to rescue their leader, Karnic, from some bugbears with Iago serving as escort. As peaceful negotiations were proceeding for Karnic’s release, Iago related to Sigfried he had betrayed them all. The thief spat poison in the eye of the bugbear leader, killing him instantly. Grabbing Lord Cathist’s sword paralyzed him with searing pain. Simultaneously, he cycled through various appearance transformations, including Berek! This not only surprised the companions but Karnic as well. Moments later, Iago was able to release the sword and instantly vanish.

It can only be assumed now that “Iago” is the man who was appearing to be Berek on the Heroes’ first day in Valencia.

Sadly, Iago’s (or Mearis, as he referred to himself) return heralded nothing but death and despair for the Heroes. Posing as as the slain Vy, the doppelganger successfully infiltrated the party at the behest of the Cult of Adramalech. He failed in his attempt to murder the Heroes in their sleep thanks to none other than Cesa Alera.

Calling fire from above, Traavor put an end to Mearis’ long history of wrongdoings. But this was not before the devout cultist spewed dire warnings about what was in store for Majeria courtesy of his “Dark Lord.”

Iago (AKA Mearis)

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