Lord Raxis

Epic Level Gargantuan Male Red Great Wyrm


Lord Raxis is one of the most powerful beings in all of Majeria. The ancient red dragon (a great wyrm by classification) has lived through countless eras of history. He embodies all that for which his kind is known; aggression, anger, malice and raw power. His past is long and storied but his current role is that of sitting member of The Three – the ad hoc governing body of all dragonkind. Appropriately, he serves as War Chief for those rare instances in modern times when dragons make their presence known forcibly.

Raxis leveraged his authority recently in the attack on Wyldshire. When the city failed to meet the deadline to return Crolin Orcslayer to his kin, Raxis made good on a promise to punish Wyldshire for allowing his disappearance in the first place. Flanked by hundreds of dragons, Raxis exacted fiery retribution. In the few short minutes the onslaught took place, immeasurable damage was done. The body count has yet to be calculated, but Raxis’ threat was every bit as dire as he warned. Greater losses would have occurred if not for the Golden Saviors simultaneously producing the missing Orcslayer and using the discovered orb of dragonkind to avert Raxis’ rage. While they may have saved the day, Raxis swore enmity against Jeric Worgrave and his family for using the orb as he did.

With a declaration stating the dragons have returned to help right the wrongs of the world (or at least as they see them), Raxis departed the City of Wonder. Unfortunately for Jeric, dragons have long lives and excellent memories.

Lord Raxis

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