Victor Stalben

Human Male Noble


To many, Victor Stalben was a well-respected philanthropist with deep familial ties to the City of Gold. But to others, those who truly knew the man and not the myth, Stalben was a war criminal. A heartless Second Lieutenant of The Black March who carried out his orders without remorse. Those unfortunate enough to cross his path met a terrible end. Stalben had blood on his hands. Though he tried to wash it away, the stain never came out.

Stalben took the same route many of his fellow officers did: use the spoils of war to escape his post, settle down in Maccordia and assume a new life. He chose Valencia for its renowned affluence; Stalben was more successful than many of his peers in amassing wealth from his conquests. He established himself there quickly by making sizable donations to organizations aimed at helping the less fortunate. He also contributed a large sum to the refurbishment of areas of the city affected by the war. The gold served its purpose since no one seemed to question Stalben or his past. He even managed to relocate his sister to Valencia. During the years following the Rebellion, Stalben’s nephew rose through the ranks of the City Guard, adding further to the family’s reputation as upstanding individuals.

He was a new man. But the blood he used to buy his future came from slaughter. Eventually, those things catch up to you.

Tragedy first befell the family when Victor’s nephew went missing (along with other members of the nephew’s Guard detachment). He offered a sizable reward for the young man’s safe return but it would never be claimed. Some weeks later, Stalben would meet his own fate when a fire burned his villa to the ground. Victor, along with several other members of his staff, was caught in the blaze.

The events surrounding his death are mysterious to say the least. Valencians brave enough to say it believe foul play was involved. Furthermore, they (secretly) point their fingers towards the Council of Elders as Stalben was rumored to know things about the Wizards that could jeopardize their position in the city. True or not, the point is moot. Whatever secrets Victor Stalben knew burned with him in the fires of retribution.

Victor Stalben

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