Jeric's Journal 05 - Shell Game

As Taran screamed at me “What are you doing?” while I whisked the assassin away from danger my thoughts echoed that question. What exactly was I doing? … I still don’t know. Clearly she was going to murder me while we slept that night. And if it wasn’t for her having to stop “Vy” from murdering us we’d probably all be dead now. Fortuitous timing or no, Cesa Alera did prevent our deaths at the hands of the doppelganger that night. Which is now the second time that she’s saved my life.

So maybe my feelings and decisions so far could be a bit justified

As I bound and marched her off for a private discussion I had all manner of thoughts and ideas of what I would say. I would break through her malicious facade and reach the real person underneath and say “Don’t you understand? I’m going to kill you. Or one of my friends is going to kill you. It would be a waste of someone so skilled and so pretty when it doesn’t have to be this way. Talarra will kill you instead if you don’t succeed here. We both know this. I am going to make him pay with his life for what he did to my family. You can either stay under his boot until it eventually crushes you, or you can help me. Maybe we should be saving each other instead of killing each other! It’s what we’re better at anyway!”
Of course I didn’t say any of these things. My tongue always gets tied around her.
Her venomous guile would be impossible to keep up with anyway.

Although I did not discover her true nature buried somewhere she did reveal a lot to me that night. The weight of the personal information she so vindictively shared with me is no less heavy now than it was in that moment. Needing to explain my actions after I let her go I opened my heart to my companions, finally revealing why I’m gathering strength and resources and what lies ahead for me. They now know that Talarra, the evil general that I served under in The Cleansing campaign, has my mother and sister as his personal prisoners in a vendetta against me. As I told my story I was honored to see my respect and admiration for each of them reciprocated as they pledged their support and allegiance in my quest of rescue and revenge.

So why do I care about the assassin so much? I’ve dispatched the other assassins that came previously. She’s clearly the best of them though. Is that the reason? Or is it because she’s a woman. A fiery, beautiful woman, unlike any I’ve ever known. Would this situation be different if she was a man? I don’t think so.

Or I could be completely delusional. I was just poisoned after all.

Alas, the fact remains that with the information Cesa Alera has regarding Talarra and my family that she’s the closest tie I have to them right now. Despite the danger I have to do my best keep my murderess alive.

I find this notion to be thrilling.

Jeric's Journal 05 - Shell Game

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