Santos's Journal - Year 2

This is my second year at the monastery. I am beginning to get more into a set pattern. My writing has gotten better. The preachers here make us write and re-write scripture of the Light constantly. It wouldn’t be so bad except that the stories are mostly boring and I don’t understand what I am supposed to take away from them most of the time.

Victor is my only friend here. Today we were able to sneak away from class for a moment and he said one of the Templars gave him some candy from the nearest town. It was fantastic, but Father Liam found us and confiscated the candy. He didn’t punish us or anything though, he simply said “What candy?” and began to eat it with a grin. Father Liam never punishes us, I think it’s why he is my favorite.

Today we were all sent into the dungeon. We had been down here before but it was only dark. Now there were things crawling around in the dungeon. Something bit one of the boys pretty hard and he began to swell up. Everyone was screaming but I was able to stick to the walls and find my way out…eventually. I got bit too, but not nearly as bad as the other boy. He still hasn’t returned from the infirmary.

The boy who got bitten last month died they say. Primate Ruger showed up and told us that even though we will be able to help people with their wounds, sometimes we must be like Light and let people fall to their own transgressions. He said that Light helps those who stay strong in their faith and this boy had fallen into darkness. I don’t know exactly what all of that means, I just know I don’t want to die so I have to be strong.

It has been a while since the boy died in the dungeon, we haven’t gone back in for a while. Father Liam told me a couple of things about the dungeon, although he told me he wasn’t supposed to tell me. There are traps, and even bigger monsters and that apparently hugging the wall isn’t always the best tactic with some trap walls. He says Light will guide me through anything; but bringing along a torch doesn’t hurt. Father Liam says he didn’t always used to be a man of the cloth. He says he used to be a great warrior but that he has found peace at the end of his life. He says it still frustrates him that he can’t go fight the Mages though.

Many of the clergy here reprimand you for holding onto things from the outside world. I miss my parents quite a bit, but I don’t tell anyone because then you get caned for outside attachment. One boy got caned pretty badly when the clergy found out that he had brought toys from his home. The Primate said that if it is not serving Light, or prolonging your life to help you better serve Light, then it is not to be had. The Primate said we must all take a vow of poverty. It’s strange because it seems like the Primate is the one with all the nicest things.

Santos's Journal - Year 2

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