Santos's Journal - Year 3

Year three of my time here at the monastery has been going easier for all of us. The times in the dungeon are also getting easier since I have started to learn my way around the corners and have almost put some of the dungeon to memory. Victor has been less successful. I have tried to keep him near me while we are dodging rats, or whatever is down there, but he insists that he can do it on his own. Father Liam says I am turning into a “sufficient little soldier”. I asked him why someone who is going to be working with the Light needs warrior training and Father Liam said “you have to train your body to extend the mind and the spirit. All three pull from the same pool. When you make one pool stronger, the others have more to work with.”

A lot of the other clergy don’t like me spending so much time under Father Liam’s tutelage, I think it’s because he used to be a warrior. He doesn’t like to sit around and talk about things, he just likes to do them. He’s probably the only clergy member who makes a habit of jogging every morning before prayers. It’s like he never sleeps. He mentioned something about nightmares.

The Primate came into one of our classes today and began to ask us much tougher question than we are used to. Some of them I don’t think had any answers. Sometimes it feels like we’re constantly being tested, not just trained. My question was “What makes a cleric truly powerful?” I said “Faith.” The Primate looked pleased and I was thankful I got one of the easy questions. Some other kids weren’t too lucky; I have no idea how to answer “What would happen if a demon threatened your life?” I feel like “fight” is the right answer, but then that is rarely the right answer to most of the clergy. The boy said “run for the temple,” which I knew couldn’t be right, but the Primate never let on for any of the answers whether we were right or wrong. Father Liam told me later that there sometimes isn’t a right answer.

Stories of rogue Mages have been coming in more and more often now. The things they do to people sounds horrendous. They say that they can turn whole towns to ash just because they feel like it. Father Liam says that this is why I was brought here, to assist in the Light’s cleansing of Majeria. Father Liam says the Gods didn’t let the Mages just become Gods themselves, that they haven’t earned it. I see a lot of the clergy getting tense. Our dungeon training becomes more intense too. We have light now in the tunnels, but I wish we didn’t. Seeing the things we’re facing is far more terrifying than what we could have imagined. Disgusting disease ridden rats or wolves. And it’s not so much the look that is more terrifying, but the sheer number. I had no idea there were so many down there. I’ve seen bigger, but usually the ones in the wild won’t bother you…these ones seem to hunt us. Victor and I have probably become the most adept at getting rid of them though. Victor has many scars by now. The clergy try to heal them away but Victor says each one is a reminder. Father Liam says that Victor reminds him of himself as a young man.

The undead tried to attack the monastery tonight. We weren’t allowed to watch as the Templars defended the gates. Since Victor and I are part of the oldest of the class (even though we’ve only be here three years) we were instructed to send the first and second years into the library and read scripture. It didn’t last too long and when we emerged again there were dozens of bloody guards and Templars. Father Liam had somehow managed to find armor and a sword, although I secretly believe he always had them hidden away. He was covered in blood as well, the smell was awful and we weren’t allowed outside. I heard it was zombies and skeletons, maybe more; a Necromancer working with the Mages.

Santos's Journal - Year 3

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