Santos's Journal - Year 5

This is our fifth year here. Something is happening to most of the boys in my class. We are all starting to become more powerful, the simple things that we could not accomplish in our first years now come second nature. The clergy, and particularly Cardinal Ruger, say that it is because Light approves of The Cleansing. Which is hard to believe when you hear the stories from soldiers and Templars about the so much blood being spilled by them and the Mages. But it is also hard to deny when I feel like my relationship with Light is growing stronger every day. Cardinal Ruger said every last Mage needs to be captured or killed before Majeria can truly be purified.

This year we are also learning, aptly enough, about Darkness. It seems like the Mages have a lot in common with Darkness and his teachings, so it seems strange to me that the Mages would want to challenge Darkness for supremacy over Majeria. Still, from what we learned, evil, once it thinks it has destroyed good or even before, will eventually turn on itself, which is why the Light is always stronger. Darkness constantly tries to poison you from the inside; manipulate you with illusions and tricks. The clergy remind us that it is a strong mind that discounts Darkness’ tricks and illusions, a strong body that crushes Darkness’ minions, and a strong soul that shines Light in the Darkness. It all goes back to what Father Liam taught me. I wish he was still here, or at least if I knew where he was.

Victor has been spending all of our free study time down in the dungeon. Usually acolytes don’t like to spend more time than they have to down there, but Victor seems bent on improving his body far beyond his mind or soul. He tells me he will be ready if the Templars all fall to the Mages. I spend my time evenly if I can in the library, in the dungeon with Victor, and then meditating and praying. If I am able to marry all three I feel like I will have a more solid ground. I must say though that Victor is becoming a better fighter than me. For some reason that doesn’t bother me though. I am noticing that all the boys are gravitating towards one discipline or another. I’m trying to be sufficient at them all. Maybe I’m becoming too simplistic.

More Templars have left the monastery; they say they are aiding in the final push, or at least they are trying to help where they can. Some believe stealth is their ally, others still believe bashing in skulls will be helpful. Victor wants to be one of these that just bash in. Victor Tanning the Mageslayer is what he is calling himself now to the other students. Never mind none of us have ever even seen a Mage. The clergy look at Victor with an odd glare now and shake their heads. I feel like Victor and I are growing apart, he seems far more interested in The Cleansing; I just want it to stop. I have heard too many awful tales, most of which are getting closer and closer.

It has happened…I have been awakened…I am one with the Light.

Santos's Journal - Year 5

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