Santos's Journal - Year 6

So much has happened since I last wrote. I am almost ending my sixth year here, but I have been so busy with new-found power that I haven’t had time to write, I barely sleep. All of the boys here have been awakened with new power. Cardinal Ruger says that the Light continues to cleanse the world of Mages. I believe it. I had a dream: Light came to me and said my purpose would be greater than I could possibly comprehend. All the boys spoke of some dream or another, although Victor said his was not as nice as mine and didn’t want to talk about it.

A new clergy member arrived. His name is Prefect Leoht, sort of a quiet man, but he seems to find himself in whatever place I am practicing, whether it’s the library meditating or the dungeon. He has a strange way of teaching, only ever asking questions, but I kind of like it. It keeps me on my toes. There isn’t any dogma there, he likes to think of faith in practice. It reminds me of Father Liam in a way. He never came back from The Cleansing. I have no idea if he is alive or dead. Prefect Leoht was the first one to tell me the story of how Light actually gave a dwarf, Furnok Darmordir, some of his power to defeat the Mage Robitai during the Rebellion. It must have been an amazing feeling. Leoht didn’t mention Furnok’s death, but everyone else said that he died. I suppose it would be good to die doing the right thing though, if you had a choice.

I’m not sure if I agree with the hunting of the Mages, but Cardinal Ruger said that if they surrender, they can live and be productive members of Majeria again. I feel like that is more than reasonable after all the things they did to innocent people. Prefect Leoht reminds me though that true salvation doesn’t come from enslaving a slaver. I just don’t know what the correct answer is then. Light tells us not to harm the innocent, but they’re not innocent, but we shouldn’t use them because then we’re no better than them, but we can’t let them go because they might hurt innocents. Prefect Leoht says there are no right answers a lot of the time.

All of my skills have increased, I am now able to heal small creatures and cast light in the darkness. The dungeon tasks have become even more dangerous every day, which Victor likes. We’ve never been pushed so hard, but I am able to keep Victor alive while he cuts down the demon spawn. Sometime they’re real vile creatures, sometime they are just illusions, but you can never treat it like practice. One acolyte got wounded pretty badly the other day. I have noticed that most of the acolytes who have not improved in their powers either are now with lower classes, or have left the monastery. There are now six classes, I’m still in the eldest class.

All of the Templars have left now. Cardinal Ruger says he is now able to repel any evil that might come our way. I have never seen Prefect Leoht use any of Light’s power, and he and Cardinal Ruger never talk. Ruger says he was a hermit that knows quite a lot about Light, but I could choose better mentors from the other clergy. The Templars are hunting down the rest of the Mages. Victor says that he wishes he was out there dealing with the Mages himself. None of the acolytes are allowed to leave yet. Cardinal Ruger says that one day, our true trials will begin, and if we pass, then we can leave the monastery for serve the Church.

Santos's Journal - Year 6

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