Santos's Journal - Year 7

It is my seventh year. This is my last year before Cardinal Ruger says you must go through what he calls “The Reckoning.” Prefect Leoht says he has an idea of what the Cardinal intends, but that it is not his place to say. Leoht does say a lot of other things though. Most of them I’m unable to research or even prove. He tells many stories that I cannot find in the library and speaks of Tenets that I know don’t exist. He always claims they were handed down to him, or it is from a book that is now lost to the ages. He says he was a nomadic man and never had a home so his people would pass down stories through word of mouth. They all make for fantastic tales. I just wish I could find this book he talks about. He called it the “Élan Vital”.

Victor wants to go through the Reckoning now. I keep telling him to wait due to the fact that the Cardinal says if you fail the Reckoning, you will never serve the Church. I would hate to have devoted eight years of my life to something and the get exiled just because I rushed into something. That is something both Ruger and Leoht agree on. I’m sure Father Liam would have agreed too, although I’m not sure how he would think of Victor’s progress either. He would probably admire his prowess in battle. The dungeons are becoming more dangerous, but Victor is never bested. I have been cornered a few times, but he is always there and I can always heal myself as long as I’m not too badly injured.

Today the dungeon was different. There was a Minotaur! It was impossible – why would they even pit us against something like that? We were stuck in the dark and I was able to cast light into the tunnels with Victor leading the way. A few other acolytes accompanied us when we turned a corner and there it was. It was huge, nothing like we ever faced before. Of course Victor charged right away and was almost immediately thrown against the wall. I tried to protect us but I too was smashed into the wall. The other acolytes began to retreat when a trap wall slid shut. The Minotaur singled out one of the boys while the others ran. The boy was torn to pieces, there wasn’t even a chance I could heal him. It was horrific. Victor tried to charge him again but I grabbed him; we had to run. Victor cursed me afterwards, saying that I am always holding him back and that I think I’m better than him. I just saved his life. I don’t know what to do. All of the clergy were arguing with each other in the halls and held a meeting with Cardinal Ruger. I didn’t get to see but I heard, and it was very loud ending with Ruger yelling I think. I can still see that kid getting ripped apart. Leoht says that if I become a Cleric, I will be seeing more of that kind of pain. But if I am strong, I can help those in pain. Just because the Rebellion is over doesn’t mean evil doesn’t still roam Majeria.

Things have changed at the monastery. Acolytes in my year are getting nervous about the upcoming Reckoning. Some boys are saying if you don’t pass, you die. Others say you are exiled. Some say that the Reckoning is so intense you go mad from it. A few say the clergy will turn you into a Tranquil. The acolytes say the Tranquils are almost emotionless, that they’re cut off from using their spells and only are able to do scholarly work in the library. I don’t think that’s possible. If you could do that, why wouldn’t the clergy or even the Cardinal use it on the Mages? It’s all nonsense, no one has even gone through the Reckoning yet so none of that can be true. It seems like the closer I get to the Light, the more I see darkness around me; people willing to do crazy things. I think it is all about faith. You cannot expect to fail, or you will.

Santos's Journal - Year 7

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