Santos's Journal - Year 8

It is my eighth year. I am eighteen years of age and today I start the Reckoning. I pray to the Light that he protect me and guide me so I may serve him in the days to come. Follow the Light, do not give into base temptation. Serve as a beacon of the Light to others. Help others, do no harm. Protect the innocent and bring them to the Light. Do not wield power recklessly, nor seek it for personal gain. Lead by example and want for nothing but the cleansing purity of the Light. Do not stray from the Light, lest the Darkness envelop you. What I learned from Father Liam: Faith is the strength by which a shattered world will emerge into the Light. What I learn from Prefect Leoht: Rise above sectional interests and private ambitions… Pass from matter to spirit. Matter is diversity; spirit is light, life and unity. And from Cardinal Ruger: A cruel god breeds a cruel man. Light, be with me.

I am now a Cleric of the Light. I am a Lightbearer. I have sworn my oath. I have sworn never to divulge what goes on at the Reckoning. But I can at least remember to myself that it was the most nightmarish experience I have ever known. I have been given the cloth of my order which I will always wear, no matter over my armor or not. I have been given a mace and shield to strike down my foes. I have prayed to Light and been given the domain of Healing. As my faith grows stronger so shall my seat with Light be even closer with new gifts and bounties of his greatness. Soon, I will be sent out into Majeria to spread the word of Light. To bring those who have been forced into darkness back into the Light.

Victor did not come back from his Reckoning…I don’t know where he is. Did he die? Are there really such things as Tranquils? I can’t imagine him as any of those things. I hope he was just exiled. What could have gone wrong? He was so strong. I miss Victor, I miss Father Liam, I miss my parents. The only one left is Prefect Leoht and his mystic wisdom is of little comfort to me now. I am a Cleric of the Light. I have to be stronger than this. I hope I will see all of them again. For now, I must create a better world for them to live in…if they are still in this world.

My training has become more demanding, but now I train alone. The clergy say that out in Majeria I will be expected to a leader, and more often than not, a leader must stand alone. Prefect Leoht has echoed these thoughts, saying that it will be a lonely road but that I can take comfort in the fact that Light will always be with me. I am more prepared for the outside world now. I have been forced into loneliness so far; being able to step into it willingly will be a breeze. I am expected to learn high divinations and more formidable battle techniques. I am not excelling in battle, but my divinations are becoming increasingly easy to conjure and even more potent. Due to my domain, healing comes very natural to me; which I am happy for ever since seeing that poor acolyte being ripped apart by a Minotaur.

I was ordered to visit Cardinal Ruger today. He arrived at the monastery late in the evening. He and I talked for a while about my progress and he shared stories of the first Lightbearer, Simon. I have never met him, but supposedly he was the one who started the order of Lightbearers after the Rebellion. He reminds me of Victor in a way; Simon would never heal his scars either. I didn’t have the heart to ask the Cardinal what happened to Victor. I was afraid he would get angry. He usually is quite sour faced, but today when we talked he seemed quite pleased; maybe even happy. He said I was doing the best out of the young students here. Of course we were just one monastery, still it’s nice to hear I am doing well.

Santos's Journal - Year 8

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