Sigfried's Journal - Part 3

From the ground they came, to the ground we sent them. They clawed and grabbed, we slashed and pummeled. For the first time I felt actual pride in my fellow travellers for we made short work of beast I know to be a nuisance.

Upon entering the temple we were faced with a greater challenge. A foe I prayed I’d not see again in my time. No, not the stone golem that hit me so hard that I forgot how to feel feelings, not a bevy of Orc that met their end like so much parchment. It was after all that, after our daring escape into the tunnels that lay ahead… that is when the Dusk Blade and I saw it…

A door.

It stood there. Wooden, knobbed, doorish. To add to its obvious mockery of us, it wasn’t even just a door.

It was ajar.

A whirlwind of emotion came to me as I remembered all my experiences with this foul aberration. I could only hope Jeric could remain stoic. We put our fears of it opening and subsequently closing aside and lay into that door for what felt like 20 minutes, but what we knew to be about 12 seconds. After beating, hacking, slashing this defiant beast we checked for splinters, shared a private moment with our gods and silently noted our new bond, Jeric and I. It was then though, after travelling through the carcass of the creature, the door FRAME, that we realized our challenge had just begun for ahead, the unthinkable…

another door.

Sigfried's Journal - Part 3

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