The Seven Wonders of Majeria

In a world like Majeria, there is no shortage of wondrous locales anyone with two (or more) legs may visit. However, some are so spectacular they stand apart from the rest. Even in a land where raw magic literally flows underground, there are seven places that can only be called Wonders…

Wyldshire, the City of Wonder

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The capital proper of Maccordia (and unofficial capital of Majeria), Wyldshire represents the pinnacle of magical achievement. Thanks to its powerful wizards and sorcerers, along with a benevolent past partnership with equally potent Mages, this long-standing city is almost another world unto itself. It houses the renowned Dome of Heavens along with the Temple of Light. The city is awash with magical conveniences native only to Wyldshire. All of these components easily qualify Wyldshire as one of Majeria’s seven Wonders.

The Everspout

There is one place in all of Majeria where the three types of Essence intersect. The blending of raw magic is too much to be contained resulting in an enormous geyser of Essence shooting skyward. Located in the South of Essencia, the column is very wide and the geyser can been seen from miles away. The side effects of the Everspout are taxing on the surrounding area; it’s essentially magically irradiated. Native flora and fauna are warped beyond recognition. Creatures not born near (or from) the Everspout risk great harm. Magic-users are particularly susceptible but anyone in the area will eventually be exposed to a fatal amount of radiation. Though deadly, it’s lovely to behold from afar. Many believe powerful magic could be researched there… if one lived long enough to complete it.

Living Garden of Pinnacle

Animated plants are nothing out of the ordinary to those with deep connections to Majeria’s forests. However, they pale in comparison to the collection of sentient flora found in the Living Garden of Pinnacle. This vigorous swath of land lies along the border of East and West Pinnacle. The myriad of plants there range from stunningly beautiful, to extremely dangerous to both. The Garden owes its existence to the rich Essence deposit upon which it sits. Countless years of exposure to raw magic warped the organisms above into much more than mere greenery. It is hailed as a marvel of Nature to all but the Pinnacle-ites who reside nearby. Essence is in short supply to both nations and therefore highly coveted. East & West would see the garden used to suit their needs, though major disagreement arises on how to accomplish this. East Pinnacle is of the opinion the plants within should be drained of their Essence as needed, sentience be damned. West, on the other hand, backs razing the Garden in totum in order to mine the Essence below. It is unlikely either will have its druthers due to those who watch over the Garden with great vigilance. Calling themselves the Preservers, this cadre of powerful druids and rangers ensure the ongoing existence of what they consider an immeasurable treasure. Samples from the plants serve as powerful spell components, but must be acquired through negotiating with (or circumventing) the Preservers.

Colossus of Purion

The island nation of Purion lies off the East coast of Majeria proper. In this land, magic is outlawed. Use of Essence is considered a perversion by the inhabiting Purists. In reverence to their founder, a man known only as Abbadon, the Purists built a huge statue in his image. Even though Purion is regarded as an enemy to the rest of the world, the scope of the accomplishment of the Colossus can’t be ignored. Due to their ideology, the statue was built completely by hand. No magic was involved and in a place like Majeria where magic is available to even the most mundane, it’s an amazing feat. It looms over the island nation’s West coast serving as a stern warning to outsiders.

The Azak Gate

The Spire Mountains run down the middle of Majeria separating the warlike nations of the West from the relatively peaceful nations in the East. Long ago, the numerous dwarven clans came together to make passage through the fabled mountains easier for travelers. They built an enormous gate directly into the range. This was complimented by an ornate and winding Wall that led to it on either side. In modern times, the idea of the structure being a functional gate is legend – Majerians consider it nothing more than an architectural work of art courtesy of ancient dwarves. To be able to part mountains like the Spires would require a technical marvel previously unseen in the world. There is the odd Loremaster, however, who is convinced of the Gate’s functionality. If they were right, it would be a hotly contested piece of real estate. The nations in the West most certainly would capitalize on an easy passage through the Spires to extend their borders. The East, on the other hand, could utilize the Gate to preemptively discourage such actions in addition to opening up greater opportunities to explore areas like the Holy Lands. Working or not, all agree dwarven stonework of this kind is unrivaled.

Eye of the Volcano

Along the West Coast of Majeria is a large stretch of unspoiled, primordial land. Majerians affectionately refer to it as the Holy Lands. The name comes from the belief this was the very first part of Majeria into which the Gods poured their blood. Wondrous creatures and wildlife have thrived there ever since. It is a savage and dangerous place for any foolish enough to travel there. It was most recently the site of the Last Battle of the Mage Rebellion where the Gods reintroduced themselves to the world. In the center of this prehistoric landscape lies a diamond of unmatched size. It would take a team of giants to attempt to lift it. Many have ventured there at the request of wealthy, powerful wizards who covet a shard for their spells. The existence of the diamond is questionable since those individuals rarely return… at least in one piece. Treasure hunters swear to its existence and mention of the enormous jewel appears in historical documents. It offers limitless possibilities as arcanists could alter reality to great extent using the Eye. For that reason it remains a Wonder, albeit one shrouded in uncertainty.

The Stone Guardians of Farron

Farron is an unexceptional city in the working-class nation of Triandur. It lacks the affluence of Valencia or the splendor of Wyldshire. What it does have is one of Majeria’s Seven Wonders in its backyard. A short trip outside the city will lead one to a circle of statues that have perplexed scholars since their discovery. Ruins from previous civilizations are far from uncommon in Majeria proper but the Stone Guardians of Farron are in a category all to their own. The ten statues represent various classes adopted by those of an adventuring ilk, according to authorities on the Guardians. They stand in a perfect circle with their heads bowed, possibly participating in some kind of ritual. It is there where understanding of the Guardians ends. All of the carvings are composed of a material unlike any known in the entirety of the world. Furthermore, indecipherable runes adorn each statue. As magic is readily available in Majeria, the fact that the runes can’t be translated by the myriad of powerful arcanists (along with the statues’ unknown composition) easily makes them a Wonder. More than one individual has devoted their lives to uncovering the secret behind the stalwart Guardians; the endeavor has even driven some of them mad. To date, their secret remains safe…at least as far as anyone knows.

The Seven Wonders of Majeria

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